— U.S. Claims


(Continental United States)

  1. Register your tires on avonmoto.com/mileageregister and attach your original proof of purchase receipt within 10 days of original purchase.
  2. If your tires are worn prematurely and meet all of the Tread Wear Protection Policy eligibility requirements, seek out an Avon dealer to purchase a new Avon replacement tire. (See # 10 below)
  3. Have the dealer installing your Avon replacement tire complete a Claim Form. Note: An adjustment under the Tread Wear Protection Policy is only available at the time of purchase of a new Avon replacement tire.
  4. Call Avon Tires Warranty Department for pre-authorization.
  5. Send a copy of the original receipt, dealer completed Claim Form, and receipt for the purchase of your new replacement Avon Motorcycle Tire to Avon Tyres North America within 10 days of your replacement purchase.
  6. Avon will issue a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number to you once all information is received.
  7. Ship the worn tire back to Avon Tyres North America with the RGA number attached along with the receipt for shipment. Reasonable freight costs will be reimbursed.
  8. Avon will examine the tire to determine Treadwear Protection adjustment eligibility.
  9. For eligible products, a credit will be awarded on a prepaid card that can be used on purchases where credit cards are accepted. Credit amount is determined in accordance with the Tread Wear Protection Policy.
  10. To learn the location of your nearest Avon dealer, simply call us at 800-624-7470 or visit avonmoto.com/where-to-buy.

“TREAD WEAR PROTECTION” ADJUSTMENT CLAIMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT Pre-register the tire with Avon using the website registration form within 10 days of ORIGINAL purchase or FAILS TO SUBMIT the following:

  • Original proof of purchase
  • Dealer Completed Claim Form
  • Receipt of Avon tire purchased as replacement


Should you have questions concerning the Tread Protection Policy or Procedure contact us by email at info@avonmoto.com or call our Customer Service or Warranty Department at the Stow, OH office, 800-624-7470.