Canadian Claims



  1. Examine the tire to determine that the tire has worn evenly to the tread wear indicators (1mm tread remaining), and verify that the tire meets all eligibility requirements (see Tread Wear Protection Policy and exclusions – http://www.avonmoto.com/warranty/standard-warranty/.  Note: This adjustment is only available at the time of purchase of a new Avon replacement tire.
  2. Determine which new Avon replacement tire is best for the customer, calculate the appropriate Replacement Price for that customer and sell replacement tire at determined rate. The Replacement Price should be determined in accordance with the procedures below:
  3. Refer to “Mileage Adjustment Calculator” to determine percentage of credit the customer is entitled to. To obtain a Mileage Adjustment Calculator, contact Avon’s warranty department at (800) 624-7470.
  4. Multiply current selling price of Avon replacement tire by the percentage of credit as determined by the Mileage Adjustment Calculator. This equals the “Replacement Price” to be paid by the consumer.
  5. Forward a copy of the customer’s original proof of purchase, the completed Claim Form, receipt for the Avon replacement tire and the actual adjusted tire to your distributor.
  6. The Distributor will follow the standard Avon warranty process in addition to submitting a copy of the original proof of purchase, Claim Form, and a completed RGA form. In the condition code column Distributor should write “Z1” to indicate a “Mileage Adjustment”.


“TREAD WEAR PROTECTION” ADJUSTMENT CLAIMS CANNOT BE MADE IF THE CUSTOMER HAS NOT Pre-registered the tire with Avon using the website registration form within 10 days of purchase OR YOU FAIL TO SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING:

  • Original proof of purchase
  • Dealer-completed Claim Form
  • Receipt of Avon tire purchased as replacement


Should you have questions concerning the Tread Wear Protection Policy or Procedures call the Stow, OH office at (800) 624-7470 to reach customer service or our warranty dept.