Viper Stryke

Russell Moss MA wrote on: 06/15/2010
2006 Kymco P250

I just installed my second set of Avon’s on my scooter…I had the OEM Kenda’s and replaced those after 7000 miles with Michelin Golds(5500 miles replacement)…The Avons didnt cup and had far better dry and wet weather handling and tracking…Steel bridges, grooved roadways..The Avon tracked straight and true..I put 8000 on the rear tire far more than on any other tire…Durability, great all around handling and value..They will bury me with my Scoot and it will have Avons on it!!

Sound Rider, WA wrote on: 01/29/2008
Honda Silverwing

The tire has a meaty tread which means you won’t be changing them as often as some of the wimpier Dunlop and Maxxis treads available for maxi scoots today. We also like the tread pattern which wicks water faster than Sean Alexander wrapped in Under Armor and finally that tread pattern reacts as well as the Azaro on grated bridges – which is to say you’d hardly know you were on one, a real plus here in the Northwest where the dreaded grated bridge crossing are a tricky dance when running brands like Michelin and Pirelli. Soundrider review 2007