Cynthia Orosco, OR wrote on: 9/30/2015
2005 Harley-Davidson Sportster

I had Venoms a few years ago then could not afford them. I have since recently replaced a new set back to Venoms and I have a whole different motorcycle! Lower center of gravity, grips way better. Once again I can keep up on those corners! I am smiling and confidently riding free again.

J.D. Swiger, SC wrote on: 9/22/2015
2006 Triumph Rocket 3

I have put 1600 miles on both a front and rear tire and am more than happy with these tires. Unlike most reviews who put up some comment after a day of driving I can say that these tires look brand new after 1600 miles. I have put about 600 miles on riding two up with my wife and luggage on a Triumph Rocket 3 so these tires can handle the weight. Everything about this tire is excellent. Traction, cornering, smooth ride, wear, wet traction, etc. all aspects have been excellent. If you buy, look on the Avon website because they have some tire size specific inflation ranges that I think have allowed me to ride these tires with the weight I carry and have good performance. Overall, the best tire I have been on. Highly recommend them.

Dennis Brooks, VA wrote on: 6/22/2015
1994 Honda Goldwing 1500 SEL

The bike came with Dunlop Elite tires. I had to”hold” the bike in a turn and felt uncomfortable with the grip.
Replaced with Avon”Venom” and had to pull the bike up from the turns. Unbelievable responsiveness!! Go Avon!!

Well, the Avons were no match for a”Big Black Bear” strike and the Wing was totaled. Now I need Avons for a 2008 Harley Ultra Classic!!

Nick Plooy, AB wrote on: 11/01/2014
2008 Big Dog Pitbull

I have now been running a set of Avon Venom's on my Goldwing for the past two riding seasons here in Canada. So far I have about 20,000 km on them and they still have a lot of life in them. I can't say enough about the ride on these tires. They are fantastic. The grip is awesome wet or dry. They haven't cupped like the other brand I had been using. We ride two-up with luggage and they have the best load rating in the marketplace. I will definitely be buying and other set of Venom's when I next need tires. Thanks Avon for a great product for the 1500 Goldwing.

Okey Shamblin, NC wrote on: 08/24/2014
2008 Big Dog Pitbull

I love my bike and the ride was great on the Avon Venom 280-40-20 was great. But now you guys don’t make the tire anymore and I can't ride. Please make this tire again as I’m not the only person in the world that needs this tire

David Chapman, AZ wrote on: 02/19/2014
1998 Honda 1500 SE

Just purchased a replacement set of Venom Tyres for my 1998 Goldwing 1500 SE. I rode a very comfortable 26K trouble free miles on the first set. My first set was purchased after finding many positive comments from Goldwing riders who had switched to the Venom. Everything they said was true and I am glad I made the switch. My own positive experience has convinced me that Venom is the only choice for my replacement tires.

Michael Provast, QC wrote on: 06/14/2012
2006 Yamaha Royal Star

Best tires ever. I ride two up all the time, mostly long distance and needed a reinforced tire in the back and a match in the front. Tried many different makes and they either failed (cracked) after a very short time or just wore out. These Venoms are just remarkable, the ride and track great and are long lasting. Will definitely buy them again.

Just one hiccup though, NO White Walls in my sizes……

Keep making them just like that and advertise more…….


Ron Warren, CA wrote on: 05/26/2012
2003 Harley-Davidson FLHTC

been running 150/70 B18 for a couple years now. The tyres perform flawlessly but I have yet to get more than 3k miles out of a rear. I am switching this week to the Roadrider street bias. I tend to ride HARD in Southern California & Seldom ever in the rain, the Venoms have never left me (& my aggressive riding style)wondering in a corner & I am hoping for similar performance with a longer life span from the Roadrider. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Ken Lee, WA wrote on: 05/16/2012
2005 Harley-Davidson Road King

I have been running Avon Venom tires for almost 10 years. My Roadking’s handling improved with these tires, it just felt like the bike turned easier and stuck in the corners. Living in the Pacific Northwest rain is always an issue. The Venom’s grip in wet weather almost makes it fun to ride in the rain. Get behind a bike with Venom tires and watch the way the water is pushed out of the way, from side to side with no rooster tail.

I’m getting the same millage out of each set of Venom tires as with the stock tires. I have recommended these tires to my riding friends and most are now running Avon Venom tires.

Mark Hummel, OH wrote on: 05/14/2012
2003 Bourget Black Jack

Im perplexed that Avon droped the 250/18 Venom R I have a little time left on my tires and then who knows ,, The venom R 250 matched w/ 90/21 have been the best tire available solid in high speed extream lean angles , water– theres nothing like them you can hear them slicing thru to the pavement solid handling in heavy downpours wear has been even "the best made" BRING BACK THE 250 R PLEASE ,, don’t send me down the street on substandard rubber ,, I know you guys have the cobra ,, send it back and bring back the R 250 18 PLEASE !

PS I don’t need a hat but I do need the 250 R

William Ardis, SC wrote on: 04/17/2012
2000 Harley-Davidson Road King

I have been running Venom mth90-16 front and rear now for 8 years and this is the best handling tire period.My first road trip experiance was coming back from Daytona Biketoberfest in 2006 we rode back in a hurricane that was stalled off the coast it rained from Daytona to South Carolina line all my buds had on dunlaps and bridgestone tires everyone complained about the speed I was riding but my bike felt like it was stuck to the wet road my buds said they were all slipping and sliding. I have been a hard core fan of Avon ever since sorry to hear you dropped the venom line but after talking to your sales rep I’m going to order a set of Cobras today. Keep up the Good Quality Work.

Satisfied Customer
William Ardis

Bob Cooper, MO wrote on: 04/10/2012
2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod

in 2008 i was on my home from a trip out west to washington state came down to colorado to I-70 was at the Rifle colorado area when passing a semi i was at his front tire going about 75 to 80 mph when all of a sudden a whole trailer hitch was laying across the road i had no time to do any thing except to hit it.I did not go down. I know the tires was a lot to do with that. soon as i hit the hitch and got over it the front tire felt like it had a big knot on it but when i got stoped my oil lite flashed i thought it was from the vibration from the front shakeing until i look down oil was running out of my oil pan big hole in it about the size of a half dollar .I got off the bike looked down the road was trail of oil then looked at my back tire it was covered not just a little but all over with Amisoil whitch is suppose to be the best oil.The front tire to my suppprise looked like nothing wrong with it on the other hand my solid rim on my vrod the left side of it was bent open you could see in to the center of the rim where it had about 2 inch crack in it. I did find just a small cut inside of the front tire .But when you can Ride with no air in the front tire and oil all over the back tire and not tell it I cannot say thank’s enough to the people who design and make the avon tire. PS.if the tire’s had not did thier job i would not be alive today. Thank’s Bob

Kevin Raiche, MA wrote on: 01/22/2012
2003 Yamaha Roadstar

Was not happy with the tires on my roadstar when i bought it, i changed to Avon Venom tires and was very pleased with the handling of my motorcycle. I would recommend anyone looking for tires to try Avon Venoms,im pretty sure they would be as happy as i am.

Sandy and bike

Sandy Lenaghan, OH wrote on: 09/28/2011

2006 Suzuki Boulevard

Had to put in print my dedication to your Avon Venom tires. Bought my first set for my bike in September 2008. I just replaced them last week (September 2011) with still not-bad tread on them after 37,000 miles! Back tire was a little cupped, but front might have made it to 40,000…? Even my mechanic, who put the first set on, could not believe the wear I got out of them. He told me to write you. LOVE to travel, LOVE these tires! This little girl is very happy with your product and will buy nothing else. Thank you.

Mike Mueller, WI wrote on: 09/01/2011

1993 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic

After 167,000 miles or so, and many broken speedo cables, I met Mr. Dana Counts from Avon at the Sturgis rally, at a J&P Cycles tire booth, to have a new tire purchased and installed. Dana said “try it, you will like the AVON tire”. I’ve met many salesmen in my time, but I needed a rear tire, so I trusted/wanted to believe him. Surprise, surprise. He was correct. While in SD I used the tire on gravel and rain and regular highways, I thought I had a new motorcycle. Never again will I use the old standard from a Harley dealer Dunlop tire.

Terry Innes, AB wrote on: 05/20/2011

2007 Yamaha Roadstar

I recently replaced my stock tires with the Venoms and immediately noticed a huge difference in the ride and handling of the bike. They also look as good as they perform. I brag to everyone about them!!!

Fredrick Crown, PA wrote on: 05/02/2011

2003 Honda Valkyrie

I loved the way my Valkyrie rode and handled but never realized the full handling potential until I installed Venoms. After purchasing my Valky, I looked at many posts on the 2 Valkyrie rider’s sites and they all recommended Venoms. 2006, I rode from Thunder In The Valley rally to Bucks County, PA during a storm that was the worst in recorded history. I felt safe and secure as I passed hundreds of motorcycles camped out, a few dozen at a time, under each overpass. I need tires now on my Goldwing and can’t wait to get the Avons on.

Bill Bugaj, MD wrote on: 03/17/2011

1986 Suzuki GV 1400 Cavalcade

I’ve been a professional motorcycle technician since 1978. I’ve mounted & ridden probably every motorcycle/tire combo available. I am so impressed with AVON motorcycle tires that I only use Avons on my own motorcycles. Using Avon Venom (Hi Load) tires on my full dress Suzuki completely transformed this bike! It rides like a bed of feathers yet is so well planted to the ground. I have worn out several pairs of foot pegs and other undercarriage goodies… honestly, with Avons it handles almost like a sport bike!!! One of my favorite things is when I get a new customer to try a set of Avons on their own bike and get them to give me feed-back. They ALWAYS come back raving how GREAT THESE TIRES WORK and HOW LONG THEY LAST! Keep up the good work and know you will always have me as a loyal AVON TIRE customer. L and D Suzuki/ Triumph

Brian Randolph, FL wrote on: 12/03/2010
2000 Harley Davidson FLSTC – Heritage Softail Classic

Used the Avon Venom when I first changed my tire and was really happy. I was talked into buying another brand of tire the second time and after the first 150 miles I knew I had made a huge mistake!!! Before the tire was even close to needing replaced I went back to the Avon Venom… It has so much more traction and grip over the competition. I will NEVER run anything other than Avon on my bikes again!

Thanks Avon for providing a superior tire!!!

Stan Snodgrass, CA wrote on: 12/02/2010
1986 Honda VFR700

Quad bike Stan Snodgrass

May 22, 2011 Update:

“I just wanted to thank you again Avon Moto,for the donation of three tires for my sidecar and bike…you all were kind enough to donate to a limited income quadriplegic,which allowed me to ride this summer….I love these tires,and there holding up very well considering the extra loads their under….P.s. plz send more stickers-theres still vacant space on my sidecar : )”

I am a quadriplegic who pilots my VFR700 from the sidecar by myself with hand controls . The reason I’m giving a testimonial is not to just tell you how great a tire Avon makes but to share my story because AVON is a great company with a heart for their customers. I couldn’t afford even a cheap set (3 tires) for my bike that took me all summer to build.. I live on a small disability check. I wrote to AVON and talked to Jared Peterson to see if they could help me out. I wrote to many of the large quality tire companies….AVON WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO CARED ENOUGH TO HELP ME WITH MY RIDE!!!

Bob Daniels, MI wrote on: 10/12/2010
2002 Kawasaki Vulcan 800

Bob Daniels

I’ve run Avon tires on my cars in the past and loved them so it was a must to have them on my latest bike build. I had to have awesome handling and have it in a whitewall. Avon was the only tire that could fit that bill. The bike handled and road so much better after installing the Venoms.

Jim Hanson, WA wrote on: 08/14/2010
2000 Honda Road King

Thank You, for recommending Avon Venoms. I just returned from Sturgis, South Dakota, where I put a set of Avon Venoms on my Road King Classic. After 1700 miles of trouble free riding, the tires were smooth and quiet running on the open highway. And didn’t follow ruts or rain groves in the road. They gave added confidence in the curves and rain. The tires performed above and beyond my expectation, and still look like new. Thanks again for recommending a great tire for my bike.

Aaron Brooks, MI wrote on: 07/20/2010
2002 HD 883 Sportster

Aaron Brooks

Greatest tires ever!! I designed my bike around your venom whitewalls, greatest decision I ever made! Here’s a pic! Thanx avon!!!!!

Lyle Cheney , OH wrote on: 06/1/2010
2005 Yamaha Royal Star

If you own a Royal Star put a set of Venoms on it. You will not regret it. Noticeably better handling on curves and longer lasting. I also happen to like the looks of the Venoms. These are great tires, I’ll never put anything else on my Tour Deluxe!

Bruce Mathews

BC Mathews, MN wrote on: 05/11/2010
2005 Big Dog Chopper

I recently replaced my Venoms of 25K miles. I was impressed with the mileage and that they were always stable in any conditions, under all circumstances, instilling a sense of security and confidence. Good value is another reason to love Avons. I have owned motorcycles from Kawasaki’s to Harleys and ridden on brands including Dunlop, Goodyear, Continentals. Never broken the 10K mark on any. As a former law enforcement motor officer and current motorcycle safety training instructor, I recognize the value of having proper tires, for safety reasons. I can state with confidence, that Avon makes just such a product.

Les McKay, BC wrote on: 01/29/2009
Harley-Davidson FLTCU 2002

Les McKay

A hardened Metzeler fan walked in wanting tires. I didn’t have the tires he needed and would have to order them or could sell him Venoms. I explained that Venom is by far a better tyre. After 20 minutes, I said I’ll make an offer you can’t refuse. I’ll mount your bike with Venoms and if you come back after your weekend trip and honestly say, you didn’t like the Venoms I’ll take them off and order your Metzelers, mounted and balanced FOC. A week later, he could not say enough about Venoms, and is now a hardened Avon fan!

DJ Jones

DJ Jones, NM wrote on: 01/27/2009
Honda Valkyrie

September 13, 2006 I became the first person in the world to ride one motorcycle through ALL 50 states. After running through tires like water, I tried Avons and have used Venoms on her motorcycle “Big Bertha” since 2000. 200,000 miles and seven years mostly on Avon’s – the proof is in the pudding. Safety, performance and durability are key to tires you choose for your machine. Avon Tyres have not only held up and performed but have made the ride safer. Getting 20,000 miles up front and 12,000 miles on the rear is just another bonus to using Avon’s.

G. W. Peterson, VA wrote on: 01/27/2009
Harley Davidson Road King

Entering I-25 north at Wheatland, WY, I heard ticking coming from the back of my bike. The ticking stopped within about 20 feet but I took a look and, finding nothing, went on to Billings. 400 miles later I noticed a little rear lateral instability so I pulled over – the rear tire had 11 psi and was scalloped on both sides of center – all that the result of the remains of a large nail buried very deeply in the middle of the tread. High mileage and handling are cool – but this is also a very tough tire.

DON SAMORA, CA wrote on: 01/21/2009
HARLEY DAVIDSON Heritage Softail

Don Samora

I bought my first Harley Davidson on my B-Day 4/20 after riding Kawasaki’s most my life. I learned real quick how important a quality tire is. As you know HD’s come stock with Dunlop tires, they’re great if you’re cruzin on a sunny day. This is why I only ride on Avon Tyres, because of their ‘high Dispersibility’ heavy load capability, handling, and wide whitewall looks.

Bud Struntz, TX wrote on: 11/10/2008
Harley Davidson Custom Roadking

I put a set on for a customer who rides hard. A week later and he had not come by to let me know how he liked his TYRES. The following week he let me know he had taken a corner on a back road and hit a patch of gravel. I expected the worst. He gave me a biker hug and thanks from the bottom of his heart. The tyres reacted with his bike and he controlled his motorcycle from losing traction and skidding into a ditch. Since that day, he swears on Avons and has had 4 sets!

DAVID J ONSRUD, Wis wrote on: 11/06/2008

I have tried many tires over the years. ( Dunlop, Pirelli, Continental, Kenda, Maxxis, Goodyear and some others. I have a large motor, the tires slip and slide, wear out fast. Never had a tire last more than a season. Got me an AM42 140/90-16 rear, AM41 120/70-21 front. BEST TIRE EVER MADE! Good mileage. Great traction, I would try to do wheelies with other tires, just spin. NOW with Venom AM42 I hookup and go. Been riding H-D’s 45 years. BEST TIRE FOR A DRESSER EVER!! Thank You 64yrs Young.

John Allen, BC wrote on: 09/06/2008
Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 C

John Allen

I’m on my second set of Venom X AM41 and Am42 tires. Most of my riding is at 90kmh with some at 110kmh. I run the rear tire at 50 psi and the front at 40 psi. Rear tire replaced at 34,000km’s with 2mm of thread left. Front was replaced at 56,000km’s with 1.87mm of thread left. I presently have 32,000km’s on the rear with 3.85mm of thread left. I ride year round here on Vancouver Island. These are the greatest tires made in my books!! Thanks to Avon.

Bob Terdeman

Bob Terdeman, NY wrote on: 06/17/2008
Honda GL1500

We live in the Big Apple, New York, NY. More specifically Glendale, NY which is in Queens near the old Worlds Fair Grounds. I am 60 my co-rider is 51. We are on our way to the Antique Motorcycle Club of America meet at Reinbeck, NY and stopped to get a set of Avons at Americade. “It was like coming home again to an old friend. My nine year old Goldwing handled and road again like the day it got its first set of Avon tires! Thank you Avon, my bike feels young again.” Bob & Florence Terdeman

Robert Sherry, ON wrote on: 03/18/2008
Honda GL1800

Robert Sherry

I personally have had good mileage and performance on my GL1800 GoldWing with the Venom-R’s from Avon. I like the way they handle in the turns and on smooth and irregular pavement. We ride mostly 2-up so we really count on our tires. I am on my second set now, so you can see that I like AVON tires.

Gary Kajutis, ON wrote on: 03/12/2008
Harley-Davidson FLTC

I did a ride to Southern Ontario & put in about 4,000 Km in total. This was in relatively hot weather down there & cooler up here. Speeds on the highway ranged between 90-105Km/H in Northern Ontario & some of the side highways in Southern Ontario, to 120-125Km/H for literally hours on the 401 in Southern Ontario. I am VERY pleased with how the Avon’s did. I’m happy to say that I could see no decrease in tread depth for the entire trip. Based on calculations it looks as though the rear tire will last around 20,000Km.Sept 2003

Lonnie Wyatt, AL wrote on: 01/29/2008
Honda GL1800

Lonnie Wyatt

I work for Midway Cycle and own a 2005 GL1800.. After much discussion with co-workers, and other riders I decided on your tires. I headed out west and at the top of Mount Evans, Colorado the highest paved road in the U.S. at 14,270 feet found myself in a snow storm! The Avon tires performed great. These tires had about 7,700 miles on them! They now have 13,500. Let me thank Avon for building a great tire. How about the caption, &QuotEven on America’s highest paved road in the snow, you can ride with confidence!

DJ Jones, NM wrote on: 01/18/2008
Honda Valkyrie

In 2006 DJ Jones became the 1st person in the world to ride one motorcycle “Big Bertha” through ALL 50 States. After running through tires like water, her dealership suggested she try Avons. To date DJ has traveled 200K in seven years on Big Bertha and most of those on Avon’s – the proof as they say is in the pudding. Avon Tyres have held up, performed and made the ride safer. Getting up to 20K on the front and 12K on rear is just another bonus. If Big Bertha could talk, she’d say, “Thanks for the awesome tyres.”