Cliff Burnette, AR wrote on: 7/5/2016
2008 Kawasaki Concours 1400

I’m on my 10th set of 3D-XM Storms they are great tires. They handle well in all conditions & can easily be run to the very edge. In the past 153,000 miles on my bike I’ve tried them all. None last or handle as well as the XM’s. I average around 7,200 miles out of these tires. I could never do better than 5,000 out of any others. Trust me I tried them all. These tires will never last what there warrantied for.

But here lies the problem with these tires, they have a great warranty but virtually unusable. If you mount your on tires as I do it’s useless. So I paid to have a set mounted so I could try out the warranty (1st mistake). 3 months later I pay to have another set installed (second mistake). Then comes the paper work & many hoops to jump through. End result, I paid to have 2 sets of tires mounted & can’t even use the warranty. Reason, I buy tires in advance in multiple sets. My receipt shows when & where I bought them but doesn’t have a amount on it. Warranty is based on price paid, so that leaves me out. Lesson learned, cost me $225.00 to have tires mounted I could have done myself but did for the warranty.

They are great tires but don’t buy them for the warranty. Big disappointment.

Jesse Van Iderstine, WA wrote on: 5/9/2016
2007 Harley-Davidson FXDWG

Last year I was riding up to my father’s house with car parts. Which was very ironic. Well my rear tire had about 10k miles on it when I heard something that sounded like a shot gun blast. Looked down and saw my rear tire was running flat. The bike handled great and I was able to pull off to the shoulder going 70 mph. Looking at the tire I realized I had a blow out. The tire held togther and allowed me to get off the road safety and sound. Thank you avon for building such a good tire. It kept me very much alive.

Derek “ScootA” Mitchell wrote on: 7/10/2015
2001 Honda CBR 929RR, 2005 Honda Goldwing 1800, 2009 Honda CBR 1000RR,
2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Thank you for all that you all do! …I am truly amazed! I just called CycleMax in Wilson, NC yesterday to order a new set of Avon Cobras for my 2005 Honda Goldwing, then I decided to check your website for any updates…just to find out (there’s a) 15,000 mile mileage warranty on both model tires I run! Then, as I looked further, FINALLY the Road Hazard on the Cobras… I own 4 motorcycles (and have adopted a 5th) and all of them are wrapped in the Avon Storms or Avon Cobras! THANK YOU and please please keep up the good work…

Jim Russell, WA wrote on: 11/24/2014
1995 Suzuki RF900

This bike came to me with Dunlop 205s, which handled poorly. I replaced them with Dunlop 220s, supposedly improved, but were worse, and wore out in 9K miles. The Avon Storms I replaced them with, based on an article in Motorcycle Roadracing and Technology, were better in every respect, in particular handling. After 12+K miles, I put on another set that now has 5K miles and looks like new. GREAT tires! I recommend Avons to my friends.

Anthony Newman, NJ wrote on: 06/09/2014
2012 Kawasaki ZX14R

I actually have the new storm 2 3D x-m. All I can say is that Avon has done it again. I have been running Avon tires since 1997. These new storms out perform any other tire that I have run. I noticed that my average fuel mpg. went up as well. I now have over 1200 miles on them and are still looking brand new. Talk about the best of both worlds. I ran my bike to the edge of the tires this past weekend and not a single complaint from the tires. I have talked a few friends into buying Avon tires over the years and every single one who did has stayed with them. Thank you Avon for producing a tire that can handle the power of today’s big sport bikes and deliver the performance needed to enjoy such bikes. Anthony N.

Matt Koska, CT wrote on: 02/22/2014
1991 Suzuki GSX1100G

I picked the Storm 2 Ultra because of all the great things I’ve heard and read about them. And they are truly great tires. I’ve had them on for one season, and I think they will last one more. I ride roughly 10,000 to 14,000 miles a year. Excellent grip in all weather, great on wet pavement, confidence inspiring cornering and wonderful wear characteristics are the main factors why I will be buying AVON tyres again in the future.

Raymond Hume, NY wrote on: 06/30/2012
2002 Suzuki Hayabusa

tire was installed on the front at Americade in lake geoorge new york ,, by brunswick tire in the vendors area ,, work was fast and proffesional and the tire preforms great , I couldnt be happier , I have an avon 330 on the back and the attention it gets is awsome……..

Robert Tyler, CO wrote on: 06/22/2012
2003 Honda 919

I’m a 31 yr. rider and I just put on a set of Storm 2 Ultra’s, and these by far are the best running tires I have ever ridden on, I am amazed how good they feel, very good work Avon!

Joe Dawes, SC wrote on: 06/12/2012
2007 Benelli Cafe Racer 1130

I replaced the front tire with the Storm 2 Ultra a few weeks ago. Sunday, I rode home from work in heavy rain. The bike was ridden at the usual pace after only a mile or so because the front was still glued to the road even with 2+ inches of water flowing. The front tire even helped with rear traction as it dispersed water ahead of the rear. Usually, I have to drop 10 mph or so in rain but not this time. Thanks for the awesome performance.

Mike Snyder, PA wrote on: 04/21/2012
2001 Honda ST 1100

I have just put my fourth set of Avons on my ST1100. I first had the Azarros,then the Storms. I think they are a great tire,both for tire life and handling. I would not put any other brand on my bike now. Thanks Avon!

Derek Mitchell, NC wrote on: 04/19/2012
2001 and 2009 Honda CBR 929RR and 1000RR

I’ve been riding Avons since 2001 and have been in love with them every since! I’ve got two dealerships here stocking them since I have convinced so many people in eastern NC to use them! This past weekend the standard Road Hazard helped me out so much! Picked up a nail on the first ride on the new tire and on a road trip! And mileage is great! Keep up the great work!

Lawrence Singer, NC wrote on: 03/22/2012
2005 Honda ST1300

In June of 2007, a friend and I rode approximately 160 miles going South from St Louis, MO to Nashville, TN in a bad rain storm, a guy in Kentucky called it a “Frog Strangler”. I had new Avon ST tires and the traction was so good, I could hardly believe it. The tires that came on the bike that I had replaced, were made by a major mfg. and were almost totally worthless when the highway or street got wet. That trip started my “love affair” with Avon tires. I now have the ST Ultra 2, love them, they are even better!

David Frye, KY wrote on: 01/30/2012
2007 Harley-Davidson FXDWG

On my 2nd rear AV56 Storm. These tires hold up well and handle like a dream on my Dyna Wide Glide. With the road conditions where I live not always been ideal for riding, it is nice to know that I have found a tire to give positive feed back regardless of road conditons.
Thanks AVON for a great tire.

Matthew Casey, CA wrote on: 10/31/2011
2000 BMW K1200LTC

Last year as I was preparing to do the Run For The Wall I put a new set of Ultra Storm 2′s on my LT They took me from LA to DC and back and stil looked great, never had any problems and after some 10,000 miles I got another set. Used them hard and enjoyed them in any weather. Just asked if they make some for my new K1600GTL but the said it could be a year, I hope not as I realy liked them.

Brian Hooker, MO wrote on: 08/29/2011
2006 Triumph Speed Triple

Pure confidence. That’s what I have with my Avon Storm 2 Ultra tires. They have the ever-predictable grip from edge to edge, wet or dry, that every other tire on the market strives for. I also manage to get 30% more miles from them as well somehow, which is always nice! This is an awesome all around tire that is as at home in the twisties as it is on the highways, and is the best wet tire I’ve ever tried.

Frank Morton, OR wrote on: 08/08/2011
2007 Harley Davidson FXSTD Deuce

I’ve been searching for the right tire for this bike for 26,000 miles, and finally found it in the combination of the Storm II Ultra on the rear and the 90/90-21 Venom up front. Awesome combination. Love these tires. The handling has improved tremendously, and I could not be happier. Thanks Avon.

Tim Marsh, CA wrote on: 07/05/2011
2006 Ducati 749

Bought my Duck new. The only set of replacement tires I’ve purchased were Avon Storms, about 8,000 miles ago. There is still plenty of tread on them. PLENTY. Rode the 30-miles from my home in the Mojave Desert of So.Cal. to Victorville 4th of July for Speedway bike races. Suffered a true summer flash flood half-way through the show. Had to cross no less than THREE instant streams at least a foot deep just to get out of the Fairgrounds!. A little careful riding, and I made it home uneventfully. Thanks Avon: once again, you saved my bacon!

Joe Dawes, SC wrote on: 06/29/2011
2007 Benelli Cafe Racer 1130

The Storm Ultra is an extremely competent tire. Grip, comfort and mileage are paramount. When the Q2 set needed replacing on the Benelli, Avon was my choice. You cannot go wrong with the Storm Ultra. Avon tires are on my Guzzi Mille GT and Sport 1100 for a reason-they are exceptionally good in all weather and give better mileage.

Grant Norman, WV wrote on: 06/08/2011
2006/2008/2009/2008 Yamaha/Suzuki/Yamaha/KTM FZ1/Hayabusa/R1/Super Duke

4 Bikes…8 Avon Storm 2 Ultras…I’ve tried many tires, several have been very good – but none have given me the performance and mileage of the Storms…5th bike in the shadows (C14) will soon also have Storms! Keep up the great work and I’ll keep ‘em on the twisties!

Ma O’Grady, West Midlands wrote on: 06/02/2011
2005 Suzuki Hayabusa

After spending 3900 miles on my Hayabusa, I have to say what a great tyre the Storm 2 Ultra is. Wet or dry the grip is fantastic. Turn-in and warm up times are so much better than the Angels I previously had fitted. I have not ridden on a bike shod with Avon’s since the 80′s, but since having spent the last few thousand miles on them I would (and do) recommend them to all my friends.

Keep up the good work

I hope to see your trade stand at the Indianapolis Moto GP this year:-)


Michael Dionne, FL wrote on: 03/27/2011
2000 Kawasaki Concours

I am an Avon tire lover and these are the only tires I use. I recommend Avons to my friends on the forums all the time. They grip very well in wet and dry weather.

Luc Bertin, Ontario wrote on: 11/27/2010
1997 Kawasaki ZX11D5

Luc Bertin

These are the grippiest tyres that I have ever ridden on period! The day I got them, there was thunder, lightning, and pouring rain. I rode with total confidence while riding on highway 401. Even on the winding roads, my wife had a hard time keeping up with me in her car.

Dave Weicker, Ontario wrote on: 11/19/2010
2002 Kawasaki 749 Mean Streak

I just pulled a set of Storms off my bike. After a year and a half and about 10,000 KM’s there’s still plenty of life left. However, new chrome rims shout out for new “shoes”. Bring on the Storm 2 Ultras! Thanks for the great tire. Avon.

Brian Hatcher, WA wrote on: 11/15/2010
2009 Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa

Brian Hatcher

After some of my racer friends were done laughing at me for putting the Storm 2 ultra’s on my Hayabusa, they were ordering their own sets. They grip, even in the wet and wear better than the tires they were using. Dual compound and a reasonable price, they were sold. I have been an Avon fan for years, now they know why.

Tim Marsh, CA wrote on: 11/11/2010
2006 Ducati 749 SuperBike

For fun, I like to crew for the ultimate short-track race car: supermodifieds. In ’08, I was about to embark on the 4-1/2 hour drive from Barstow to Madera, CA., where the race was. My truck would have none of it, though, as the alternator went south on me. So, I had to ride my extreme-riding position Italian sport-bike. Yeah, I made the race in plenty of style, if not comfort. But at least, like everywhere I go, my Avon Storms got me there and back without a problem.

Bob Todt, NY wrote on: 09/26/2010
1999 BMW K200LT

Bob Todt

I’ve been running the Venom s on my Harley’s for 10 years. From the first set I put on, I was sold. Instead of fighting through corners, just a little push on the bars and you’re through. I recently bought a 1999 BMW K1200LT, came with Metzeler tires. They felt good and the bike handled great, as I’ve heard they do. But I just put on the Storm 2 Ultra tires, and WOW! When cornering, it seems as if you just think about the corner, and you’re through it. Even seems more sure footed in parking lots. Thanks for the great products.

Eric Burcham, TX wrote on: 09/15/2010
2005 BMW K1200S

Eric Burcham

I have struggled for years finding a tire that can do track days and last more than a trivial number of miles. I have been riding on my Avon Storm 2 Ultras now for over 5,000 and just finished my 3rd track day on the set. I can ride them pretty hard, and tour on them as well. Just wonderful tires overall… great turn in, responsive, grippy enough for practice sessions, and they just roll, roll, and roll! If you are a very aggressive sport-touring rider or a medium to conservative sport rider, then THE AVON STORM 2 ULTRA IS YOUR TIRE!

Ross Weitzner, OH wrote on: 08/30/2010
2006 Honda CBR1000RR

It was more than a little surprising when I showed up on a superbike with sport touring tires to the race track. I know that’s not this tire’s usual environment, but it did not disappoint. Thanks!

Jay Lalonde, ONT wrote on: 08/26/2010
Honda 2006 ST1100

Jay Lalonde

I would like to update you on the 1st set of Avon Ultra II Storms that I ever purchased. 20,000kms & still going, I rode thru Snow, Rain, and the tires never let me down.

Keep up the good work.

Also, I converted one of my riding buddies from Michelin tires to Avon Storms ( Honda VFR) he also loves them.

Metzeler & Michelin just loss big time.

Mick Hoey, Denmark wrote on: 07/29/2010
Honda 1996 VFR750

Mick Hoey Congo
Mick Hoey

I have been extremely pleased with the performance of the Avon Storm 2 Ultra tyres. Never seen such a long lasting tyre before and still with an amazing grip. They have and are still doing an amazing job for me during my journey. I look forward to see how many kilometers I can get out of my newly fitted Avon ST 2 Ultra in Cape Town. I bet I can get it to last more than 20.000 km in South America.

Bill Wahl, WA wrote on: 07/08/2010
2002 Ducati ST-4s

Bill Wahl

I would like to give you a report on a rear Storm 2 tire I put on the yellow Ducati for a spring trip to Ouray CO. It did very good duty carrying a lot of weight with Urs and I. You folks have gotten the right mixture with this tire for sports touring. We rode in rain, sun, and wind. It held up well even with the nasty road surfaces in northern Oregon. We were carrying 42 pounds pressure. It has squared off just a little bit but looks good to go for many miles. We did about 4,000 miles on this trip generally in the 80 mile per hour range.

David Cyna

David Cyna, ONT wrote on: 05/11/2010
2008 Suzuki B-King

I put on the Storms about two weeks ago. They seem to warm up quickly, hold well in the corners, are very predictable and don’t chatter around corners like some of my other tires did. They also seem very good in the rain. I had no problem accelerating to pass other vehicles in the rain at all, they held the road very well. So far, pretty impressed! I will definately be recommending them to my customers at the SUZUKI OF NEWMARKET bike dealership I work at!

Brian Rathjen, NJ wrote on: 02/04/2010
BMW R1150R

Brian Rathjen

We have been running a set of Avon Storm-ST Tires on our BMW R1150R and after nearly 10,000 miles we found these tires to be a great investment. Handling-wise we found the Avon Storm-ST Tires to be a superior piece of rubber, add into that the great rain ability with the high mileage and you come up with one of the most serious sport touring tires available in the market today. Editor Backroads Magazine

del west, alt wrote on: 12/19/2009
moto guzzi 1200 norge


Steven T. Botta, IL. wrote on: 07/30/2009
Kawasaki Concours ZG1000

I just put my Avon’s (Storm front and Azaro rear) on my 1987 Kawasaki Concours ZG1000. My 22 year old bike now feels brand new! They grip so well I was able to go out and get my knee down for the first time on my first ride. My Avon’s give me a lot of confidence in my 700+ pound bike, they hold your cornering line great. Here’s a video of me getting my knee down with my new tires.

Neil Johnson, BC wrote on: 11/19/2008
Ducati Multistrada

Neil Johnson

With the shocking natural beauty of a complex coast, the road traces Cape Breton’s rugged coastline overlooking the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The trail doesn’t follow John Cabot’s explorations however. Cabot landed in Atlantic Canada in 1497, likely in Newfoundland. Faced with the cliffs, the changes of elevation, the elaborate scrollwork of a coastline, Cabot’s voyages never involve almost mistakenly dragging a knee in textile gear. Likely there was no in-helmet laughter or thanking the gods of silica for the Avon Storm’s tenacious grip even as the skies let loose and roads go from damp to wet. Courtesy of

Hyung Lee, ca wrote on: 11/05/2008
Yamaha Warrior

Hyung Lee

These tires have taken me everywhere! With over 12k mile on them, i could not believe my odometer when it was time for another set. Excellent for all the canyon riding and everyday commute, definitely the tires that have given me the confidence to take my cruiser when my adventure goes.

Mark Rooney, NY wrote on: 05/13/2008
Suzuki Hayabusa

Mark Rooney

I have put storms on my Busa love them bike, handles like its got glue on the road. I also have on my Yamaha and have attached some pics of them on both bikes

Tim Chapman
Tim Chapman, CO wrote on: 04/07/2008
Yamaha ’06 FJR1300A

With the promise of improved all-weather grip, high-mileage, and sport bike like handling, I had high expectations! A resident of CO, I enjoy carving the canyons of the Rocky Mountain Range. After 1500 miles, I’m very impressed. I can only describe the ride as plush. Riding aggressively, they handle as well as any tire. I have yet to ride in the rain, however they provide a feeling of confidence on all surfaces ridden thus far. There are no noticeable signs of wear. If you are looking for a high-mileage tire to deliver a stable, agile ride, check out the Storms.

Thomas Purvis, GA wrote on: 04/02/2008
Kawasaki ZX 14

Recently I was caught in a severe thunderstorm in Florida. The storm was so severe that I could barely make out the shoulder of the road. It was too dangerous to try to pull over. The only choice I had was to continue riding through the storm. The Storm tires never once hydroplaned even with the enormous amount of rain that was falling. As odd as it may sound, they tires performed as if the road were dry. They are SUPERB tires and I am confident in their ability to keep me in control of my bike at all times

Charles Hudson, NM wrote on: 03/26/2008
Ducati ST2

Charles Hudson

I put Storms on at 8300 miles. I ride the bike – 60 mile round trip 5 days a week on I40 with weekend runs through NM’s mountains unless it is snowing! Rain or Sun the Storms never slipped, lost grip or anything they weren’t supposed to do. With Temps from 100 to -15 deg the tires performed as designed. My Duc just hit 17000 miles and wear bars have appeared . Needless to say another Storm for the rear is being ordered. Thanks for such a great tire. Enclosed are my two favorite ladies. My wife and my Ducati.

Gary Eagan, UT wrote on: 01/10/2008
Ducati Multistrada

Regarding the front Storm, it is such a good and responsive tyre that when I put it on my ST 4S for the first time it revealed a shot front end on the bike, which of course I wrongly attributed to the tyre’s profile, not my equipment. As soon as I rode it on the Multistrada, then thunk ’bout it fer a spell, I quickly realized the ST front was shot. Had it tuned up and golly oh gee…..the front tyre were all the sudden great;-)