Dan Henry, CA wrote on: 08/17/2016
1992 BMW K75

I have been running Roadrider’s on my 2004 Triumph Bonneville for years and when I started my most recent cafe build, a BMW K75, I knew right away they would be included. These tires not only work great, they look great. They will be included in every future build. Thanks Avon!

Mert Pratt, IA wrote on: 05/08/2015
1960 69 73 76 2003 2003 Harley-Davidson xlch and fx

Remember when Easyriders mag featured a centerfold bike n build sheet. Oddly and most often we always had at least one Avon tire on. Today I have two. When a guy ask me why when I get a new Harley I swap on Avon tires. I respond because my life depends on them to be right. Nobody has done it longer or better than Avon

Jamie Teverzczuk, GA wrote on: 02/21/2014
1978 Honda CB550

Last year my poor old 78 CB550 was in desperate need for new tires. Being a vintage bike theres not a lot of decent rubber out there for them. After about a month of asking, reading and hearing what my riding group had to say. I finally thought to give AVON another shot. On an old chopper of mine I ran the Mk2′s & Speedmaster and always loved them. So a pair of Roadriders were bought for the old girl. With the 1000 mile Hooligan Run racing the Blue Ridge Parkway was coming up I would REALLY needed the grip only AVON has provided me to push into the corners and hold my line with out a worry.
Thanks Avon for a great product!
Jamie “Grumpy” Teverzczuk

Robert Porzio, MA wrote on: 11/24/2012
2005 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

I’ve been riding just shy of 50 years and finally found the perfect tire. My DWG loves these tires as much as I do. Good in the twisties, @ high speed, rain too & very little squirreling going on with my 21″ front tire. They also wear very well too. Buy them you won’t be sorry!

Lonnie Novak, GA wrote on: 07/15/2012
2006 Triumph Thruxton

I installed my RoadRiders Friday night. Saturday morning I rode 60 miles to my twisty road of choice. They performed amazing! I was taking the tires all of the way to the edge of the tread grooves, no problems. They didnt follow the "tar snakes". I highly recomend this tire on a the Triumph modern classics.

Chris Ratliff, KY wrote on: 04/26/2011
2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

I’ve ridden Azaro, Storm, Storm 2, and VP on everything from Speed Triples to GS’s and have never been disappointed. I’ve tried other brands on hearsay but always make it back to Avon. Therefore, when I got a CB360T the natural choice was Roadrider to replace the dry rotted rubber and the same for the newer Ninja 250R replacement. The Roadrider, like their radial brethren, wear well, are grippy in the dry, confident in the wet, and impressive on amateur track day. I’ve been so pleased over the years now Avon is always my first choice.

Daniel Lloyd, NH wrote on: 03/01/2011
2005 Triumph Thruxton 900

Daniel Lloyd Thrux

I bought Avon Roadriders for my Triumph Thruxton for a reason. I wanted quality and tradition. On both accounts the Avon Roadriders have performed flawlessly. These motorcycle tyres take my Triumph to a level of performance not seen with the factory supplied Metzelers. The Avon Roadriders give me confidence on my motorcycle as I know that they will track as well on the back roads of New Hampshire as they will on the Interstate highway. On top of that, Avon tyres have a tradition with motorcycles that is second to none. Thanks Avon!

Dave, UK wrote on: 07/19/2010
BMW R75/6

Acting on advice from customer service manager Ken Tucker, I’ve fitted Avon Roadrider tires to my four classic bikes. Over the years I’ve tried Contis, Michelin Macadams, Metzelers – you name it – with limited success. Happily, the Avon Roadriders have transformed the handling and steering of my BMW R75/6 to the point where I can ride along at most speeds and it’s as steady as a rock. The other bikes, just like the BMW, appear to be on rails at any speed and wet roads are almost a pleasure….well, almost! This note is to say thanks very much for your good advice and for your excellent tires. I’ve done a combined mileage in excess of 20,000 miles on those four bikes since we spoke and, so far as my own bikes are concerned, I can recommend Roadriders without reservation. I’ve never ridden a better tire. You can quote me any time, any place.

Buzz Kanter, CT wrote on: 10/30/2008
Harley-Davidson 1931 V flathead

Buzz Kanter

When we at American Iron Magazine decided to try for a Land Speed Record on an old 1931 Harley V flathead. We went with 19-inch Avon Roadriders which vastly improved the handling of the old Harley. We made 5 race passes at the Maxton Mile in October and set or broke 5 records in 2 classes to get into the ECTA record book. Thanks Avon. For more photos of the Avon clad 1931 Harley visit Also check out

Ted Stanley, WA wrote on: 10/22/2008
Norton Commando 850

Ted Stanley

I was pleased with the handling. Frosty icy roads, then wet roads, then towards the Cascades a run over wet leaves and moss covered side roads. Many were twisty switchbacks and the Norton held the road in all turns. I doubt my Honda sport bike would have done as well on these turns at the speeds I achieved with the Norton and Avons. To me a test of a tire is that you don’t notice it, until you really need it to grip. Finished in heavy traffic on 405 and the Avons ran well at over 70 [mph].

Troy Gordon, Ut wrote on: 06/14/2008
BMW R100 Cafe

Troy Gordon

Avon Roadrider tyres give me excellent performance cold, hot, dry or wet. Very confident riding on them in any and all conditions. Thanks Avon, Troy

Toad’s Cycle, NS wrote on: 01/28/2008
Kawasaki GPZ 750

Totally confident in wet weather performance. For braking tire can be howled almost to the point of lockup and kept there. Very impressive in a street tire! Whether you’ve built and tuned your bike to get a desired “feel” or you just want to get the best out of your stock machine, in my opinion the Avon Roadrider is by far the best tire in the class! Avon has a real winner here!