Marcel Lamarche, ON wrote on: 02/20/2012
1999 Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter

Having admired Avon wide whitewalls for the way I knew they would complement my 1999 Drifter's classic lines, I never expected that an Avon Gangster would save my bike but strangely enough, that's exactly what happened. After a short run to try out my first new Avon tire, I was pulling into a coffee shop for a break when a distracted driver who was leaving the coffee shop unexpectedly cut across my bike's path. The Gangster's exceptional road adhesion not only made it possible to quickly bring the bike to a stop, it also allowed me to maintain control of the bike, eliminating the risk of dropping the bike. That experience sold me on Avon tires completely and I've since gone on to switch to the Venom tyres which Avon recommends for the 1500 c.c. Drifter (having been fortunate enough to win my first pair of Venoms in an Avon online promotion. Having found Avon tires to be excellent for two-wheeled travel, I'll be looking to Avon again this spring – this time because I'm adding a sidecar to allow my grandchildren to join me "in the wind"….

Marc Mazerolle, NB wrote on: 05/27/2009
Bike Klub Betty Bobber

Marc Mazerolle

We wanted a very particular look for our Nu Skool Bobber, named Betty, she was a 50′s Hot Rod themed bike and she demanded as wide a white wall as possible with the best performance for a 114 Merch motor, the Avon Gangster Wide White Wall met our needs and exceeded them.

Al Gully, BC wrote on: 02/28/2009
Honda Sabre

Al Gully

Since 1982 I’ve ridden the same bike daily. In ’86 after 10,000K a dealer recommended Roadrunners. After putting them on, my bike sat as I drove vans for a living. The tires weather-checked over years and I went my dealer. He asked if I put Armor-all on my tires. I told him all the time. He said that’s the wrong thing to do. He said if I wanted new tires “Take these two and have them put on. Avon picked up the installation cost for my mistake. I’m in the process of ordering my third set of tires. Avons Rock!

Rick Helms, MB wrote on: 01/31/2009
Kawasaki EX500A1

Rick Helms

I’ve always trusted Avons as a great tire. When I started road racing an ‘87 EX-500A1 I chose Avon Super Venoms to mount on my race bike. Not only do I get great feedback and feel from the tires I get a whole season of racing out of a set. Thanks to Avon I can enjoy my sport without breaking the bank.

Wayde Squires

Wayde Squires, Sk wrote on: 08/12/2008
Harley Davidson FXWG

I recently upgraded bikes from my ’82 Shovelhead with Avon AM20/21 tyres front and rear to a ’07 Twin Cam 96 with another manufacturer’s tyres. I can’t believe the difference with regards to wet weather handling, gravel road handling and those annoying wriggly asphalt lines we call road snakes here in Saskatchewan in Western Canada. I plan to change out the original tyres to Avon Venom Series during the upcoming Customization (i.e. Winter) Season. Avon manufactures a very good tyre. Keep up the good work!

Suzi Greenway, MI wrote on: 06/30/2008
Norton 750

I have ridden Super Venoms on my Norton for years.I would go on any moutain road with confidence.My experience on California coastal road was an incredibly astonishing and I can confirm how solid and secure they are built when the morning after I found a metal screw inbedded in the tire.The tire had slowly deflated by nigthtime,instead of blowing out on the twisted road running along two hundred feet brinks.Thanks to the tight thread pattern!!!

Erich Boldt Sr, Pa wrote on: 05/28/2008
1982 Honda GoldWing

My wife & I got stuck in a bad rainstorm riding back home and had nowhere to pull off to safety. I had only a few hundred miles on my new touring AVON’S and I felt so safe in the bad rain because the bike felt like it was riding on dry pavement. The AVON’S provided such grip and handling that I never got from any other tire. I tell everyone I talk to about motorcycle tires that to this day I still believe those tires saved our lives that night! I am an AVON customer for life.

Max Peavler, IL wrote on: 04/04/2008
Honda 1969 450K1

Summer 1970 I had just revamped my totaled bike Aug 69 and was playing at US 30 dragstrip on the weekends. Then I had a bright idea in order to lower the ET I would drive over 25 miles to the strip on my AVON 4 inch Slick. Made me look macho if I remember right. Coming home the last time it started drizzling! Still have my memories of that act. The Honda still sets outside in the garage. It really is not practical, but was fun. And, it would pull quite a hole shot to 50 MPH.