Clement Salvadori, CA wrote on: 9/16/2011
1996 Suzuki DR650

For the dirt roads I ride, the Gripsters work great. Especially when I drop the pressure down to about 15 psi, then they grip really well on a steep, rutted uphill climb. On the occasional rainy day I find the grooves do serve to squeegee the water away, but I also reduce the lean angles. And the block pattern does acceptably well on the dirt roads I ride. This Gripster is most definitely a compromise tire and the results are that it is great in the dry, OK in the wet and I’ve yet to determine their longevity. Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine Feb 2011

Tim Thielen, CA wrote on: 7/26/2011
2002 Kawasaki KLR 650

Just got back from an 8000 mile trip from LA, CA to Alaska and back. The trip included over 300 miles on gravel roads, thousands of miles on chip seal and two back to back 600 mile days at sustained speeds of 70+ MPH all with a full load of camping gear and supplies for the 5 weeks I was gone. This tire is a hero. After all I had heard I was thinking I’d need to replace the rear sometime during the trip, but it would not die. Replacing a tire up there is difficult and expensive. Thanks Avon for the Gripster.

Chris Dravnieks, OR wrote on: 1/15/2011
Kawasaki KLR 650

I got 5k out of the stock back tire, then looked around for a replacement . The KLR forums offered lots of choices. The Avon Gripster was the right tire for my needs. 5K on, tons of wear left, great handling, great value for money! I visited the Avon stand at the Seattle show, the staff were very helpful, polite and even gave me a poster for the garage wall! The 2011 riding season isn’t far off, new front tire due, guess what I’ m going to put on the KLR , a Gripster.

Jeff Katzer, WA wrote on: 12/12/2010
Kawasaki KLR 650

If you’re looking for a great set of tires (tyres) for your KLR, look no further than the Gripsters. I got 12,800 miles out of my last set and when it comes to metal bridge decks and grooved highway pavement…Well the Gripsters are simply the best.

Glenn Heggstad, CA wrote on: 12/18/2008

Glenn Heggstad

Mongolian Gobi Desert to the razor-sharp volcanic stones of Africa’s savannah. On extended motorcycle journeys, riders contend with everything from snow or rain on asphalt to heavily potholed roads to slick wet clay or soft sand with little opportunity to change tires for every extreme. Avon represents the best of dual-sport tires for nearly every situation imaginable. Recognized as the toughest motorcycle tire on the market, when the first storm hits, you’ll appreciate why this tire is called the Gripster!

Gregory Frazier, MT wrote on: 08/14/2008
Kawasaki KLR650

Gregory Frazier

Dr. Gregory Frazier, Professional Motorcycle Adventurer: I use two types of Avon Tyres. For more aggressive dual-sport riding, like off-road, mud, gravel and sand, I like the 60/40 Gripsters. I use them on my 2008 KLR 650 as well as my round the world 2001 KLR 650. The 2008 Kawasaki KLR 650 found the Gripsters fit like an old glove and installed easily. The dual-purpose nature and affordable price of the Gripsters make it my personal choice for the Kawasaki KLR 650 to the Rocky Mountains, then over, and back home on the pavement.

Margery Forbes Leeson, SK wrote on: 01/29/2008
Kawasaki KLR

Gripster – Tyres that will keep you on the road and off if need be. More often than I would like I have been cruising home only to notice a herd of our cows leisurely sunning themselves in the incorrect field. It is nice to know I can just pop off the road and into the field (usually hay) and set them on their way back to their field of orgin!