Steve Kovacs, NY wrote on: 10/30/2016
2014 Harley-Davidson FLHR

Many riders and dealers raised a brow when the Cobra was brought up, and the M was the suggestion. Well after 10k miles and minimal wear I still haven’t looked back, except at my buddies in the twisties! Exceptional traction with complete predictability at all speeds. I can comfortably say I have become a far more proficient rider with the Cobras, and that’s after riding 20+ years! Low speed lock ups that cause brand D and brand M to skid have zero skid with the Cobra, hardly any ABS cycle in “emergency” situations – the Cobras just stick to everything. Wear exceptionally well, the Cobras with 10k still have more tread than Brand M with 6500. By keeping the pressure up and the bike stored off the ground when not in use, I wouldn’t be surprised to surpass the 25K mark. I’ve taken care of them and they of me and my far from stock Road King!

Jay Teverzczuk, GA wrote on: 9/2/2016
2001 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200C

I’ll try to make this short an sweet an to the point.

I love these tires!!

When I had to get new rubber for my newly acquired Sportster, because let’s be honest the stock Dunlops are garbage. I went with what I knew was the best tire on the market that served my needs for a great riding tire. And my Avon Cobras did not let me down. Great in wet weather and sticky while pushing it in the corners.

With a few pairs Roadriders and Mk2′s & Speedmasters under my belt, I knew I was getting a great set of tires. I’m like a kid with a new toy, showing them off when riding with friends. I sound like a salesman at local bike nights attempting to convert anyone that will listen to me. Even to the point of letting close friends ride my bike to feel the difference the AVONS make on the feeling of the bike to the road…..

Ok, rant over…… Go buy AVONS

Thanks Again for a great product.

Jay Teverzczuk

Acworth GA

Mike Schiller, AB wrote on: 7/7/2016
2012 Harley-Davidson FLHX

Back in the fall of 2015, I decided to switch over to Avon Cobra tires from OEM HD. I wanted a more agressive look and from all the specs I could read, these were the tires for me. I can honestly say stability, handling and comfort has never been better. I know there are alot of choices out there for a heavy touring bike but I can’t imagine ever trying anything else. The look, feel and performance on my bagger is second to none. Thank you for creating such an awesome line of rubber!!

Carl Munkwitz, WI wrote on: 6/28/2016
2002 Honda Goldwing

I just wanted to update you on my opinions of the Cobra tire on my Goldwing -

Last week I was able to finally install the new-to-me tires and went on a little ride to the Smokies.

After 2600 miles and 1000 miles of twisty roads I can tell you I really like the Cobras

They stick to the ground, corner well, allow for peg-scrapping lean angles all the while giving the rider feedback on road conditions.

During hard braking the front tire tended to wobble a little , which caught me unawares the first time, but afterward was perfectly fine – after all I am stopping +1000 lbs of rider and machine and I am talking HARD stopping.

The tire had initially a little vibration but as it wore in , with the Centramatic balancers, it went away as the tire rounded itself.

The rear tire never slipped, the front always grabbed and a smooth quiet ride at any speed.

Transitions from left to right during aggressive riding were easy as the profile seemed to aid the ‘roll’ .

I even had the ‘fun’ of riding through a terrific rainstorm and never once felt the tires were not in firm grip on the road surface

If these tires LAST as long as my previous tires (Brand B) I will happily buy them again.

With only 3500 miles on them thus far it will be a few more months before I can talk about longevity.

Sammy Green, VA wrote on: 6/21/2016
2009 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

I put cobra tires on my fatbob this spring and can’t believe the difference. I have ridden Dunlop, Pirelli, and Bridgestone and can say without a doubt none of these come close to the ride and performance of the Cobra tires. The ride is much smoother and the grip excellent. When it comes time to replace these I will put the Cobra back on. Thanks, Sammy

Joan Krenning, AZ wrote on: 5/11/2016
2013 Harley-Davidson Street Glide

I never had any worries about performance after purchasing my first set of Avon Cobras in the Spring of 2013. 3 years and 70,000 miles later, I cannot say enough about the performance of the Cobras and the customer service of the company themselves. I’m a high miler, ride solo and don’t intend to run any other tire. My peace of mind and comfort are critical. 3 years ago I founded the Women’s MotorcYcle Summit hosted by the Steel Horse Sisterhood. Sukoshi and the entire AVON Team have been one of our biggest supporters, not just supplying prizes but more important, supporting with their belief and support as we grow the sport of women & motorcycling.

Nathan Templeton, LA wrote on: 3/9/2016
2009 Harley-Davidson FLHT

Just thought I’d message you to say that your Cobra line is just about the best thing to happen to Harley Davidson performance. No longer do I have to deal with poor response, and limited traction due to traditional bias ply construction. The geometry you’ve incorporated into the tyre & its design has completely changed the nature of my & Harley’s ’09 FLHT. It feels like a completely different bike and about 200lbs lighter. I can now choose very precise lines through curves that I had to fight through with other brands of tyre. In addition, following your guidelines on air pressure has provided for wear life that’s as good as or better than everyone else despite being a “softer” compound tyre. I won’t purchase another brand. Thanks!

Craig Mathews, MD wrote on: 9/1/2015
2010 Honda Fury

I have just installed AV72 200/55 VR18 on my Fury and my bike has never handled this well or went from side to side this smoothly. Since it is a 55 it helps to give me just a touch more lean and helps me to put it up on my pitbull lift. I can not testify to how long the tire will last as of yet but it is a 5 star tire when it comes to handling and wet/dry grip. It also handles my 205 lb. fat ass and the weight of my passengers without any issues what so ever.

If Your looking for a tire for your Fury that will smooth out the bike beyond belief, this is your tire. If your on the fence between Dunlop Elite3 , Metzler’s or a set of Cobra’s and you want handling that will bring a smile to your face…..Go Cobra!

Good luck!


Gary Nohner, MN wrote on: 8/26/2015
2004 Honda GL1800

Just purchased the new cobra front trike tire for my 2004 gl 1800 goldwing with roadsmith trike conversion. Could tell right from the start the tire was going to be very good. it was quiet and smooth. Going over the rumble strips was a big improvement, almost no feeling to the handle bars. Went on 350 mile ride over all kinds of roads. Trike no longer wanted to follow cracks in the road surface it handled straight and smooth. I am convinced already its a winner for me. Thank you for a great tire.

Bill Sawyer, PA wrote on: 8/24/2015
2000 Honda Valkyrie


I paid $740.00 to have 2 new Cobras put on my bike. 10 miles down the road I picked up a 4 1/2 inch bolt in my rear tire. I expected to buy a new one. I got a call from my shop and they told me that Avon is replacing it for free! Thanks! You had no reason to do that. No one at Avon knew that I have pushed their tires for years, as I have sold bikes for a living. They also didnt know that I have thousands of FB Friends that ride and I have raved about Avon to them. I love the 200k I have put on Avons and now many of my friends are so impressed with my story, that they will now buy Avon.

Great PR for a great company and tire !

Thanks again!! YOU GUYS ROCK !

Ray Cappelli, RI wrote on: 8/13/2015
2009 Harley-Davidson ElectraGlide Police

While attending this years 75 Sturgis Rally I wanted to buy a new set of tires. I went to J&P Cycle and spoke with David Alari the representative for Avon Tire Company. Dave gave me information on a set of Cobra tires for my bike. His knowledge of the Cobra product helped me choose my new tires. After checking inventory he discovered that he did not have a set for my 2009 Harley Davidson ElectraGlide Police model. He contacted Renegade Wheels, who were also at the rally and set me up with a set of tires. Renegade wheels did an awesome job installing the tires. Once on, and after the first 100 miles, I had the chance to take these tires through the paces on Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road. The performance of the tires was Awesome! Great handling in the turns, smooth ride on the straights. I have been telling everyone that I ride with how much I enjoy the performance of these tires. Thank you David Alari and Renegade Wheels, I am and will be a return Avon customer.

David Richmond, WV wrote on: 7/28/2015
2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic

David Richmond

I gave my last testimonial here on 6/27/2010 that is shown down below. I’m still running a Cobra Rear & a Venom Front Tyre & thought you all might want to see my latest Hydrographic paint job to match my tires! :)

David Blaney, BC wrote on: 7/14/2015
2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Quit already! All of this raving about Avon Cobras! What is WRONG with you guys! That would have been my thought a couple of weeks ago. I was wanting a full on sports tire to replace the stock Dunlop’s on my Harley Sportster because of the kind of riding I do. No sport tires available for 16 inch rims, so the Cobra would be a compromise tire for me. Anyway, I was on the phone with David Alari talking tires, bikes, and riders.  His passion for bikes was very evident!  I also called Dunlop. After a second call to David,  I decided to jump in and try the Cobras. There is, at present,  no rating system for users to compare tire compounds with, so I decided to just go with the tire that I liked the look of. Big mistake. Performed well except for the crucial maneuver of parking – VERY difficult, with these new tires on! These things LOVE rolling in and out of turns!  I was pulling out of hairpins and sharp bends at ten mph faster than normal. I’m no tire expert, but I think they just naturally turn sharper because of their round, sport type profile. Very nimble, but I didn’t find them unsteady at all. Don’t know why. Grip is awesome. For the first time, with my boot up on the forward peg,  I felt the heel sliding along on the pavement. On the other side, when my exhaust starts sliding along, I know I’m at 45 degrees (measured with a sheet of plywood), and at these angles the tire seems right at home! Wanted more even!  These tires just blew me away.  David encouraged me to try different tires and see what works best, but that was completely wrecked when I got these. These Cobras are my riding buddies now!

Ron Walburg, GA wrote on: 7/13/2015
2013 Victory Cross Country

I have been riding Motorcycles for 40 years. Tires are the most important part between you and the road. Tires are what keeps you attatched to the road. Avon tires are the most impressive tires I have and will continue to ride on forever.

I live and ride in the Mountains of North Georgia. I also ride The Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina quite often. While I am scraping the metal off my pegs and floorboards Avon Tires keep my bikes planted firmly inplace at the most severe turn at the highest speed I can possibly take the curve. Guys I know buy cheap chinese tires and I don’t understand why they risk their lives riding on crapy tires. There is a huge difference in tire brands and characteristics.

I prefer Avons and I know they won’t let me down.

Derek “ScootA” Mitchell wrote on: 7/10/2015
2001 Honda CBR 929RR, 2005 Honda Goldwing 1800, 2009 Honda CBR 1000RR,
2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Thank you for all that you all do! …I am truly amazed! I just called CycleMax in Wilson, NC yesterday to order a new set of Avon Cobras for my 2005 Honda Goldwing, then I decided to check your website for any updates…just to find out (there’s a) 15,000 mile mileage warranty on both model tires I run! Then, as I looked further, FINALLY the Road Hazard on the Cobras… I own 4 motorcycles (and have adopted a 5th) and all of them are wrapped in the Avon Storms or Avon Cobras! THANK YOU and please please keep up the good work…

Tom Falkner, TN wrote on: 9/7/2014
2014 Triumph Thunderbird LT

I purchased a new Thunderbird lt back in March. It came with Avon Cobra WW Radial Tires. I had been A Dunlop man until these new radials. Never again, I love these tires. Amazed everyday I ride at how they grip and how smooth.Since it is a brand new model I was having trouble locating a front tire. I sent a email to Avonmoto Customer Service and received a response from Sukoshi in sales in a matter of minutes. She gave me the name of a dealer with 6 in stock.It was great to have support and that fast.

Wayne Wright, ONT wrote on: 5/15/2014
2004 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad VN1500L

I needed new tires for my Nomad and really wanted to go for the wide whitewall look. After searching the web and reading the forums the only tire that I could find that didn’t have mixed reviews was Avon. All the others had good and bad reviews, of course we focus on the bad.

I had some questions so I called Avon and spoke with a technical rep that was extremely helpful, told me things about the engineering of my particular bike and what tires would be a good fit. So I went with the Avon Cobra WWW front and back and I love them. First off they look great but the ride is even better, smooth riding, they take tar scars like they aren’t even there, stick to the road through the twisties, just overall great handling, I couldn’t ask for more from a tire. Now I know why I haven’t seen any mixed reviews about Avons. It looks like I know what I’ll be riding on from now on.

My son is looking for tires for his bike too, and you know what I’ll recommend.

Gary Culbertson, SC wrote on: 2/3/2014
2008 Honda Goldwing

Fantastic tire for handling and performance in the twisty’s on the Honda Goldwing. You will stick to the road in the turns. Great wet weather tire as well. Utilized for over 6 years with absolutely No Complaints.

Gene Burkett, ID wrote on: 11/19/2013
1990 Harley-Davidson RG Ultra

I have run nothing but Avons on my last 2 bikes. Both HD touring models. Love the way they stick when cornering and especially in the rain. The only thing I can say that is disappointing is you only get about 8-10,000 miles on a pair so I end up putting a new set on every year.

Russ Talbott, WI wrote on: 07/24/2013
1990 Harley-Davidson FXSTC chopped

The Cobra was a nice fit from the Venom, but more importantly WOW! What an excellent Tire. I’ve had the Cobra on for two days rode about 300 + miles of Backroads and Highways, got caught in an Heavy Thunder Storm on some county highways, that had streams running over the road.

Going into Waterford, WI, sections of the road were closed from flooding, one of the open sections a guy was waving to turn around (must not have been enough police) and I asked him how deep as I headed into it and he said “Knee Deep” the water was up on the cases, just below the Carb of the chopper.

This Tire is unbelievable! A chopper puts em to the test, I’m raked 44 with a 4″ stretch 3 1/2″ up, laying into corners it’s so solid it’s embarrassing, always where you want it no B.S. I wasn’t planning on all this but Avon got me thru, Wow, corners wet or dry, it’s an incredible ride, soft and comfortable. Lot more comfortable then my other Bike an FLHTCUI.

My Hats off to you guys you really out did yourselves this time.

Beverly Iverson, AB wrote on: 07/3/2013
2005 Harley-Davidson 1200 XLC

I picked Cobra Venom tires as replacements for the Dunlops that were on my Sportster 1200 XLC. Riding home from the shop I noticed they were much smoother on the road, that hard ride that I had with the Dunlops was gone. Yesterday I took off on a highway ride. Wow, I was impressed! Smooth, less tire noise and great handling in the corners and I really like the comfort it added to my ride!
Avon Cobra Tires Rock!

Skip Hollister, TX wrote on: 05/08/2013
2002 Honda GL GL1800

The AVON cobras lasted 11,000 miles on my bike. Pictures coming. They are the most confidence inspiring tires I have ever used. If you like to ground the pegs (ride hard) then you should use AVON.s on your GL1800. I love the feel of them, and the mileage was a surprise. They are a major upgrade from stock tires.

Mark Clark, MT wrote on: 06/13/2012
2006 Triumph Rocket III

This is my second set of Cobra’s on my Rocket. And I have to say that I was sold the minute I put throttle to the ground. Choices are limited for my Rocket but I found them to be the right choice. You will not be disappointed and when this set wears out I’ll be back to Avon again.If you want your bike to stick to the road these are it.

Mark Jaffer, CT wrote on: 06/13/2012
2008 Honda Goldwing

These are the best tires for the Goldwings period! I get the best traction, wear, mileage and least amount of cupping compared to other brands.I am a Cobra fan for life.I wont use any other tire on my Goldwing!

Jeff Pennock @ wrote on: 03/21/2012
2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Vridetv’s 2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod camera bike has over a 110,000 kilometres and has been ridden across Canada from coast to coast. We have filmed some of the most beautiful places in Canada and quite often leave the pavement to get the shot.
Since teaming up with Avon I’ve put on 25,000 kilometres on their Cobra touring Tyres and have tested them on a wide variety of road conditions. Highway, winding roads, kilometres of gravel, and some very rough road filled with grooves, potholes, frost heaves and torn asphalt. They have also gone through a wide variety of weather conditions, from heat so hot that your kickstand sinks, to rain so hard that it pools in the ruts left by big trucks. The handling and grip that they have provided during my testing is in one word: incredible.

Where will Avon Tyres take you?

I highly recommend these tyres, they have proven to be the best tyres I’ve ever used.
Photo – Nicola Lake, British Columbia.

Richard Perkins, NM wrote on: 02/20/2012
2007 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard

I bought an Avon MH90-21 just prior to a long road trip. The tire performed well in dry, heavy rain and snow/slush.

David Frye, KY wrote on: 01/30/2012
2007 Harley-Davidson FXDWG

I have put just over 12k on my 21in. AV71 cobra. With all weather riding and at time harsh conditions, these tires come to the front. Avon is my choice and no other tire compares in my opinion.
Thanks for a great tire.

Thomas Maslowski, MN wrote on: 12/19/2011
2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Just finished my second season on a set of AV71/72 Cobra Tires on my Dresser. I am at 12,000 miles right now and will get well into next season before I need replacements. Outstanding tracking, great stopping and handling in the rain, terrific mileage. I could not have asked for more in a set of tires. Great job Avon on a great tyre.

Robert Ballantyne, CO wrote on: 10/18/2011
2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCA Vrod

Best performing set of street tires I have ever put on the machine. Stick to the ground, run in the rain and handle slow speed and high speed maneuvers equally extraordinary. These tires have 14K on them since April… they are still well in the legal range for this year. I will be putting a set of these on in 2012 for the Glacier Parks tour for sure. Excellent cost per mile and extraordinary performance. They may or may not have been up to 135 MPH with no problems.

Mark Jaffer, CT wrote on: 6/24/2011
2008 Honda GOLDWING

I just want to say I have tried other tires prior to the Cobra’s and I have to say not only are these my favorites, but they are sticky when pushing the bike hard, they are great in the rain and I have never gotten tire wear like this on a GOLDWING, very little cupping however I am using DYNA BEADS also and did some suspension work, these are by far the best tires I have used!!!!!!!!! And the only ones I will use now!!

Carl Greer, BC wrote on: 6/08/2011
2007 Triumph Rocket Rocket 111

The best thing I have done to improve handling on the bike. The old tires never let me have the cornering confidence that the Avon Cobr’s do. I will always use them unless Avon comes up with a better tire for my bike. For anyone out there with a Rocket try them, you will be impressed.

Randy Meeks, WA wrote on: 5/09/2011
2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide FLTRI

Based upon the reputation of Avon Venoms, when it was time to replace stock tires, I opted for Cobras. Thank you Avon for updating styles and sizes promptly as motorcycles change. I placed an order last May 2010 for my first set. I broke them in the next day traveling 790 miles, mix of rain and sunshine. The tires gripped the rain soaked roads without slipping, even during the first 100 miles. I just had my second set installed and ready for another riding season in the Pacific Northwest. I recommend Avons without hesitation. Theses tires are a great value.

Kurt Weech, AB wrote on: 4/11/2011
2008 Kawasaki 1600 Nomad

After reading multiple reviews and hours of research, I decided to try the Avon Cobras. All I can say is WOW!!
The difference from the stock Bridgestones I was running to the Avon Cobras is unbelievable. The difference is instantly noticed in the stability and smoothness of the ride. All the corners which I would normally have to slow down for due to that unstable feeling of the bike not holding the road and drifting, is completely gone. I am very impressed with these tires, and it will be Avon Cobras for me from now on.

Steve Dickinson, CA wrote on: 2/8/2011
Honda GL1800

Steve Dickinson

These tires are fantastic!! A huge improvement over stock. The bike rides smother, tracks way better, and handles like a dream I come from a sportbike background so handling is key to me. These tires lean in with ease stick like glue and ride way smoother than stock. No noise from the tire and wear seems great so far. I only have 3,000 miles on them but I see no discernable signs of wear yet. Buy these tires you will like them. As for the guy with the loaded trailer that had a blowout I have a sneaking suspicion that the bike may have been overloaded in which case this could have happened to any tire. These tires are incredible and anyone that cannot notice the difference between these and stock must not know how to ride very well. Buy AND enjoy!

Robert Hannigan, NH wrote on: 2/6/2011
2002 Harley-Davidson VRSCA

Because I’ve had such great handling and mileage from my Cobras, I am purchasing Distanzia front and rear tires for a dual purpose effort from NH to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Pacific Coast Highway to Oregon and back home this summer. It will be over 10000 miles and I am confident in my choice of tires. This past summer I used Avon tires on an over 16000 mile cross country ride from Windham, NH to Seattle, WA and then to Coldfoot, Alaska and back home. Thank for a better product.

Kent Judkins, LA wrote on: 1/11/2011
2006 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600

I have always put Metzler ME880s on other touring bikes that I have owned but at 7000 to 8000 miles I noticed significant cupping and change in handling. There are lots of flat straight roads here that are not always real smooth. I bought a used Nomad last year and the previous owner had put Cobra Avons on the bike and with 8K on the tires they still looked great. I have added another 2K and am not down to the wear indicators yet. I plan on replacing these with new Avons soon to get ready for some big rides this summer. With 10K miles they still handle great on curves and long hauls down the super slab.

David Frye, KY wrote on: 10/20/2010
2007 Harley-Davidson FXDWG

I purchased the AV-71 COBRA for the front and the AV-56 STORM for the rear of my dyna. I must say a night and day different ride. Much better control and handling then the factory offerings ever could have.

Tom Cisternino, NY wrote on: 10/6/2010
2005 Kawasaki Nomad

I replaced the Stock tires on my Nomad while at Americade in 2009. I chose the Avon Cobra’s based on feedback from members of a forum I belong to. I couldn’t be happier! The tires make a world of difference in the way the bike handles in both dry and wet conditions. I have had Metzler 880′s before and these are by far the best tires I have had on a cruiser!

The install staff at Americade was also top notch!

Jeff Pennock, BC wrote on: 09/29/2010
2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Jeff Pennock

Virtual Ride TV

May 14th Update:

“Avon Cobra touring tyres and where they take me……. : )

(I took the attached picture yesterday near the Coquihalla Summit along one of the side roads).”
To go across Canada and back it took 3 other brands of tires – approx 12000km, on one set of Cobras which already has 20000 km.

November 15th Update:

“Since the above update was posted, an additional 2,373 kms have been put on this set of tyres bringing the total to 17,596 kms and still counting. It is absolutely remarkable that there is still more kilometers of life left in these tyres. To put in into perspective, on our ride across Canada in 2006 we rode 18,846 and went through three sets of tires made by a different company….” “I highly recommend these tyres, they have proven to be the best tyres I’ve ever used.”

Since installing the Avon Cobra tyres on Virtual Riding TV’s video camera equipped bike, I’ve put on over 10,000 kilometres and have tested them on a wide variety of road conditions. Highway, winding roads, kilometres of gravel, and some very rough road filled with grooves, potholes, frost heaves and torn asphalt. They have also gone through a wide variety of weather conditions, from heat so hot that your kickstand sinks, to rain so hard that it pools in the ruts left by big trucks. The handling and grip that they have provided during my testing is in one word: incredible.

The wear on the tyres after 10,000 kms is minimal thanks to the rubber compound Avon has used in this remarkable touring tire. Due to the belted construction these tyres are tough, I’ve pulled out pieces of wire from one of the many exploded truck tires that litter the roads and highways and the tire was fine. I have also unintentionally run over sharp jagged rocks, broken glass, and the tyres have withstood it all. While riding at 110kph I hit a pothole so hard, that it knocked the wind out of me and made my teeth clank together. I was amazed that the tyres withstood such a violent impact, lucky for me!

If you need a set of tyres, I highly recommend that you try out a set of the Avon Cobra tyres. Avon has proven to me that these tyres are an excellent choice for a high-performance and safe motorcycle tyre. Virtual Riding TV

Jeff Lyter, MN wrote on: 08/22/2010
2006 Victory Hammer

Just put on the Cobra 250 VR18 on my Hammer. The tire has a good ride and handles the twisties extremely well. Handling the twists and turns are very important and I have confidence this tire can handle whatever I put to it.

Jim Hathaway, MN wrote on: 08/20/2010
2005 Kawasaki 1600 classic

I have run the stock Bridgestones, Mezteler ME880, and 2 sets of Dunlop E3 on my bike before switching to Cobras this spring. While the ME880 were an improvement over the stock tires, and the E3 another improvement, neither are anywhere near as good of a ride or handling as the Cobra Radials!!! My bike has 48000 miles on it, and the last 4000 on Cobras, we just came back from a 3400 mile trip to Yellowstone and these tires ROCK!!!

I have recomended them to the Vulcan Forumn and all my biker friends. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Don Routley, AB wrote on: 08/12/2010
2008 Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide Classic

1st time with Avon Cobra’s. Picked ‘em up in Sturgis, SD – rode 1,804 km home. Finally, a tire that actually does give you control on rain grooved asphalt. No floating on rain soaked blacktop and a surer grip in the turns in the rain. Can you come out with a car tire too?

Coda Blue, TX wrote on: 08/03/2010
2009 Harley-Davidson V-rod Muscle

I ran Cobras on my ’03 V-rod and loved them. They kept their tread for the full 10,000 miles. (I change every 10K, regardless). After trading in for my ’09 V-rod Muscle, I had to run Dunlops for the first 15K (the second set only lasted 5K!) I was SO HAPPY when I saw the Cobra available in a 240! I have run this set for 5K miles, now, in the rough-roaded Texas Hill Country. Many Twistys. I feel so much safer. I can feel both the front and rear contact patch at extremely low leans angles, and I mean ALOT of contact! They are quiet. They are wearing great. They look mean. Thank you, Avon. I love to ride. (Oh, and their support Krew online is fantastic. I have wriiten three times about load capacity and tire pressure and recieved quick, concise replies).

David Richmond, WV wrote on: 06/27/2010
Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic

David Richmond

I ran Metzelers on my Vulcans & wanted to try something different. Seeing the Metzeler on my bike was looking pretty slick, I decided to try an Avon. I am really pleased with my choice. When I laid eyes on the tire, I was impressed with the quality & couldn’t wait to try it. First thing I noticed with the Cobra is that it is very smooth & holds a line well, especially leaning into the twisties here in the WV mountains. I have purchased an Avon for the front when the Metzeler wears out… nothing but Avons for me now!

Dale Hughes, MI wrote on: 06/3/2010
1999 Honda Valkyrie

Dale Hughes

I bought my first set of Avon tires 24,000 miles ago. I’ve only had to buy 2 pair in 24,000 miles! These tires make my bike handle like it was much smaller. I’ve ridden the Tail Of The Dragon and because of these tires I scraped foot pegs with the best of them ! Rain, no problem for my Cobras! People who have never used these tires don’t know what they’re missing! I’ll never run anything different on my Valkyrie

John Brockell, NY wrote on: 05/4/2010
VN1600 Nomad 2006 Kawasaki

John Brockell

I switched to Cobra tires (150/80VR16 & 180/70HR16). I run them front 40psi and rear 42psi. This works out well even though I ride solo, since I weigh 250lbs. They are the best handling tires I’ve had on the bike! I had Dunlops, which weren’t bad, but I feel a distinct difference in the handling, especially in the curves. It is a much more secure feeling. The rear tire for this bike is a size over from 170 to 180, but there is clearance and it corrects the speedometer error to within 2-3 mph high from 7-8 mph high.

Gary Dunham, IL wrote on: 05/3/2010
1999 Valkyrie Interstate

Gary Dunham

While riding during a planned 4400 mile trip in Neosho , Missouri , I had a slow leak in the front tire. I nursed it to a dealer, who replaced it with an Avon Cobra. We went on to complete that trip in 2008. I then rode all of the next year including a 2800 mile trip to the Dakotas and back, putting a total of almost 12000 miles on that tire. Only this spring did I finally replace the Cobra, not wanting to push my luck. I now look forward to another 10-12K miles of smooth sailing. Great tires!!!!

Dan Jarvis, FL wrote on: 06/09/2009
Kawasaki Nomad 1600

I have a 2008 Kawasaki Nomad and recently had the stock tires changed to Avon Cobras, 150/80-16 on the front and 180/70-16 on the rear. As far as handling goes, the new Cobras are great! Turns near my home that I used to slow down for or had to countersteer for, I just go sailing smoothly thru now. They really hold a line easily and they feel much more stable than my stock tires. I hadn’t been unhappy with the stock tires until I changed, but now I sure appreciate the difference.

Jim Hagen, ND wrote on: 04/14/2009
HONDA 1800 Gold Wing

I had Venom’s on a Valkyrie and was impressed, so when it was time to upgrade the Gold Wing, the Cobra was my choice. They’re solid tires – fast, slow, hot, cold, or wet. They provide a very high comfort level in the twisties on such a heavy bike. I’d recommend the Cobra’s to anyone, especially big-bike riders.

David Arnold, TX wrote on: 02/02/2009
Triumph Rocket III

I’m VERY impressed with the Cobras. I believe I was one of the first to try them and they now have 7000 miles, through all kinds of conditions. Avon seems to have the compound right for this bike. The tire seems hard in the center, which, although a little slick on hard launches, seems to keep the wear under control much better than the stock tires. In the curves, I am constantly impressed, sometimes hitting curves much faster than I should be on such a big bike, and these tires always hold the line and come right on through.

Brian Wottle, OH wrote on: 06/17/2008
Kawasaki VN2000

I have a 2004 Kawasaki VN2000 that I’ve been running the OEM Bridgestone tires on, actually three sets in 17,000 miles. I just installed a set of the Cobra radials on Friday, and did they ever make a difference in the way that the bike rides and tracks. The bike was always stable and handles pretty good for a big cruiser. But with the Cobra radials the bike just tracks through corners like it’s on rails, and the ride is much smoother and less harsh. A great tire that I hope will surprise me with more mileage as well.

Kyle Muthig, NY wrote on: 06/12/2008
Honda Valkyrie

I needed tires for my Valkyrie and decided to get them at Americade in Lake George, NY. I went to the rally and had a set of Avon’s new Cobras put on. The next day, it was raining and we had signed up for a guided tour. I was nervous but went. The tires performed excellent, tracked great in the rain and I never felt them slip, not once, even though they were not broke in yet. I told everyone on the tour about them and recommended them to anyone who said they needed new tires. Way to go Avon!