3D Ultra

Hans Bertelsen, WA wrote on: 7/13/2015
2009 Buell 1125R

Changed the machine from a bike you had to muscle around to one that reads your mind and responds. So sticky it’s unfair to other brands. PLEASE don’t discontinue the Super Sports here in the U.S. I have two sets on two different Buells with the same outstanding results and another Buell and a Ducati that will get there own Super Sports if they are available. Please keep them in the States.

Kevin Taggart, OR wrote on: 11/27/2014
2013 Harley-Davidson Iron 883

Was not happy with the factory tires and switched to Avon Cobra tires; what a difference. Completely changed the grip and handling. Have since switched to Avon Azaro-ST radials, and this year am trying the Avon 3D Ultra X-M radials after speaking with a very knowledgeable Avon Rep at the recent Seattle Progressive International Motorcycle Show (they arrive to tomorrow!). The grip and ride quality I get from Avon has made a significant improvement in handling and makes every ride better.

Scott Harrell, VA wrote on: 05/29/2013
2007 Yamaha R1

I’ve been using AVONs exclusively since the 70′s. Leaps and bounds in improvements thru the yrs. Just competed in a CCS/WERA event at Barber motorsports this past weekend, took 2nd place on the 3D ultras. PSI front: 28, PSI rear: 28. no tearing, cupping, enough stick left for another heat. I highly recommend these tyres.

Tom Roderick, CA wrote on: 10/21/2011
1998 Honda Superhawk

I’m here to crow about Avon’s VP2 Sport tires. I’ve tested various Avon tires in the past and they’ve never left me wanting. When a set of the VP2s arrived at the office we quickly mounted them onto our do everything, go everywhere Honda Superhawk and in since then they’ve rolled over dirt as well as black top, commuted, sport-toured and canyon carved their way to more than 3,500 miles in sun and rain, both solo and carrying a passenger and they’re still going strong.

During our travels the VP2 Sport tires exhibited excellent grip during aggressive road riding in the heat of numerous summer afternoons and, possibly more importantly, maintained confidence-inspiring grip when the weather turned rainy. Speed was throttled down when it got wet, but cornering adhesion remained superb and tire tread managed to disperse standing water and kept us traveling at a respectable speed without fear of hydroplaning.

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Scott Harrell, VA wrote on: 08/24/2011
2007 Yamaha R1

Still running well with the VP2′s. Both bikes are identical in setup with the exception of tire pressures.

Joe Dawes, SC wrote on: 07/17/2011
1995 Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 & 2007 Benelli Cafe Racer 1130

After purchasing a used Guzzi with almost worn out Azaro tires, a VP2 Sport was fitted to the front and a Storm at the rear. The steering is very precise and stable with nary a hint of slippage even when trail braking downhill in a 90 degree turn. These were my choices when the Benelli needed tires although the rear was upgraded to the Storm 2 Ultra. An excellent combination for the street. I love the feel and feedback from the front VP2 Sport.

Ed Smith, OR wrote on: 09/29/2010
2007 Aprilia Tuono

I have been running Bridgestone BT-16 on the Tuono and was really happy with them, until I rode a friend’s Tuono with VP2 sports on it and felt good enough for me to try on my bike.

I am now riding deeper into the corners and able to hold much tighter line then with the BT-16 stones. This tire was made to transform a great bike into a great bike.

Julian Taylor wrote on: 06/30/2010

Avon VP2 Xtreme Track Day Tires

At first look, I as very impressed with the profile of the Avon. With its small DOT standard pattern in the middle of the tire and the slick sticky wall on the outside for heavy secure cornering, you could see it was designed for the track. However, I don’t normally associate Avon with sportbike/track tires so let’s see how this set will handle endurance racing and track school instructional riding.I like to feel plenty of tire underneath me when racing or track day participating so the 190/Z17 55 rear was the chosen size for my Ducati T9, all of the tires we test this season will be the same size to make the comparisons fair.The test was over two weekends and involved track school, a 40 minute mini endurance race in the Moto Series at Nelson Ledges, a 2.1 mile bumpy track in Ohio. We raced Nelson Ledges for the first weekend and Beverun the second.

Beaverun, PA, is a much smoother surface track. This then gives you the ability to compare riding on different surfaces while shopping for new shoes. I wanted to take the tire all the way, to see the longevity, the stickiness, and the feel across various different speeds and weather conditions. Believe me when I tell you, we had changing conditions throughout both weekends. These tires are not designed for rain, and when they got it, it was not a pretty picture. Don’t buy them if you want to ride in the wet, because they are specifically designedfor the dry and that’s where they shine.The table is a breakdown of the amount of usage the tires had, fastest lap time at Nelson, and when that occurred in the life of the tire. They were on Chicken Hawk tire warmers, so they were cooled and heated correctly throughout the test. Over 400 miles later, my overall professional opinion of these tires is that they’re very competent and a great extension for Avon. They lasted much longer than other tires I’ve used and still gave me great grip when racing. You can buy the Avon VP2 Xtreme Tires from Competition Accessories for $296.62 a pair.The only true way to test tires is to run them until they tell you they’re finished.That happened on the last advanced session at Beaverun. Due to the back tire losing grip, I saved a high-side while coming down on turn 6. The right hand side of the tire, after 412 miles, was totally finished. Recycled for garden mulch, here they come.

VP2 Test Results

Dave Edwards, Paignton Devon England wrote on: 05/31/2010
Suzuki Haybusa 1999

Dave Edwards

I bought an ‘99 Hayabusa which had Avons on it. I’ve been riding for 24 years and always been a Metzeler man but that has changed. I’m absolutely astounded at how good your tyres are. 100% grip from the moment I pull off my drive, the best tyre bar none in wet conditions, even in sleet at -4C they give me 100% confidence and the only tyre I have ever used that lets me get my pegs down in the wet. They take all the ‘Busa can give yet are not squared off or past it with 5000 Miles on them. Totally stable under emergency braking, perfect cornering and spot on stability! I now tell all my Bridgestone/Pirelli mates to ditch these ‘superior’ tyres and use yours instead; I am now an Avon man for life.

Scott Harrell, VA wrote on: 12/30/2009
Yamaha R1′s

Scott Harrell

Been using AVON’s since the 70s, had a set on my RD350. Ive been racing their tires now for 15 yrs, had a few podium finishes, and other great mentionables, can understand the looks and comments from fellow racers who wonder why I ride so well with these tires, from my experience, its about a good setup and knowing how to ride your race bike. As that race rubber wears down, rebalance that tire, lower that pressure, my typical setup is 28 front, 27-29 rear.

David Boehm, NY wrote on: 09/08/2008
Ducati ST4S

David Boehm

An Avon representative suggested that I might want to try the Avon Viper Sport tires (on my Ducati ST). I’m running them now and I love these tires!!! They might not last as long as the Azaro’s or the Storm-ST’s, but I do love the way they handle. Although I do love my Viper’s and think I have found perfection, I will still try the new Storm’s because every new set of Avon’s impresses me with the ‘state of the art’ technology that they seem to keep coming up with.

David Grant, OK wrote on: 08/10/2008
Triumph Speed Triple

David Grant

I could never find a tire which would give me the grip in the cold and wet fast enough for my riding style. Competitors were all the same in the time and mileage it took to get up to temperature. Azaro’s took until the end of my daily commute (25 miles one way), the Vipers took only the first 500 yards!

Kurt Von Ahnen, NM wrote on: 05/28/2008
Suzuki GSXR750

Kurt Von Ahnen

The coolest part was the confidence. No uncontrolled slides …. Just traction. Viper Xtremes were solid over tar strips whereas other bikes on other brands of tires, were very squirrelly. To compare … the Avons were Smooth Jazz and other brands (Dunlop and Pirelli) were like Gangsta-rap-techno. By day’s end we had put a bunch of laps on the Xtremes. They were shredded from one side to the other but still a bunch of life left in them. Sandia track is tight, technical with speeds of about 140. www.vonconcepts.com for full review.

Tim Oakins, CA wrote on: 01/29/2008
Yamaha R1

I’m getting back to you on the Extreme’s I ran at Willowsprings on Monday the 8th of October. I ended up running 32psi in the front and 31 rear, that seemed to work the best. I got a lot of looks and questions, anyway a big thumbs up on these tires and I will run them again. Thanks

Michel Roby, QC wrote on: 01/29/2008
Ducati Monster S4R

I have to tell you how satisfied I am with these Viper Supersport tires… The difference between the original Michelin Pilots and these is simply phenomenal! With the OE Michelin I had to deal with a stability issue that completely disappeared with the Viper Supersports. The feel of these Vipers is also exactly where it should be expected from this class of tires; predictable, responsive and a constant stable feel as you lean it deep into a corner. I can’t wait to try it on the track… and show my fellow riders how impressive these tires are. I’m hooked!

Dennis Plouffe, ON wrote on: 01/17/2008
Honda VTR1000

As a long time rider of Michelin tires,I just had to drop you guys a line to tell you what I thought about your Vipers.On a whim (and a recommendation of a British friend)I bought a set of Viper Supersports.This weekend I attended a track day at the new Calabogie Motorsports Park in Ontario Canada.This Alan Wilson penned track is AMAZING.Your tires gave me the best day of riding I have ever had.The Supersports are a fantastic tire.All the grip I could use and no sliding.You now have a convert and user of your tires now.Keep up the good work.