Featured Builders

Kevin E. Brown of Gravity Engineering Inc.


  • Builder Name: Kevin E. Brown
  • Bike Brand: 1967 Ducati
  • Bike Model: MR348 Café Canadiano (MR = Modern Retro)
  • Bike Name: MR348 Café Canadiano (MR = Modern Retro)
  • Bike Features:

M-Lock RFID Keyless ignitionSolid state ignition conversion, 6 v to 12 v conversion, LED headlight, LED bullet tail/brake light, Reinforced swing arm, Works Performance piggyback shocks, Micro switch controls, Digital wireless speedometer, Sheet aluminum belly pan, 1 € “Leonardo da Vinci” coin at swing arm pivot and Oilskin seat with carbon fibre highlight.

  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon AM26 90/90-18 | Avon Cobra AM26 120/80-18
  • Rims (Front | Rear): Excel 18×2.15 Aluminum Rim (non-dimpled) | Excel 18×2.5 Aluminum Rim (non-dimpled)

Adam Karns of Karns Kustoms

Karns Kustoms is a partnership of family and friends. This partnership brings together one of a kind creations for the love of building show quality kustom vehicles with a kustom recognizable style.

Photo credit: Don Carrick of Studio 413
  • Builder Name: Adam Karns
  • Bike Brand: Harley Davidson / Karns Kustoms
  • Bike Model: Sportster
  • Bike Name: “21″
  • Bike Features:
    Twisted Choppers rear weld on hardtail was added to the stock harley Sportster frame , 21″ front and rear DNA wheels , heavly modified DNA springer , hand built gas tank with hidden mounts , molded frame with a lot of sheet metal work including louvers , hidden oil tank and battery box.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Cobra AV71 21″| Avon Cobra AV71 21″
  • Rims (Front | Rear): DNA Matte Black

Jim Giuffra & Ron Abel of AFT Customs

World Champion bike builders, Jim has over 30 years of experience and Ron over twenty in the custom builder world. Both Jim and Ron have helped pioneer the custom metric revolution and have many component design first in the industry. On top of their custom and retail buisness, they also manage a motorcycle industry focused modeling angency from their shop in beautiful northern California. www.aftcustoms.com

  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: VT750 BR (Bonneville Racer)
  • Bike Name: Halia
  • Bike Features: Designed to be street legal with passenger seat and also to be raced at Bonneville. Hidden radiator, race suspension – All custom with modified stock frame.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): AV71 Cobra size 120/70ZR19 | AV72 Cobra size 180/55ZR18
  • Rims: Buchanan

AFT Customs

  • Category: Metric Cruise/Tour
  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: VTX 1300
  • Bike Name: Credere (‘to believe’ in Italian)
  • Bike Features: Hidden radiator, First chain drive VTX1300, First metric converted from cable to hydraulic club, First Pyrex coolant tube, Diamond clock, 23&Quot front wheel, Air ride supension, First ‘naked engine’
  • Tires (Front | Rear): AM41 Venom R size 130/60R23 | AM42 Venom R size 250/40R18
  • Rims: Weld

Jim Guiffra

  • Category: Metric
  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: VTX 750B
  • Bike Name: Kemosabe
  • Bike Features: Bobber style. Will compete at Bonneville. Hidden radiator, Adjustable rear fender for gearing changes at Bonneville & for more clearance for salt build up.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Distanzia 130/80R17 | Distanzia 130/80R17
  • Rims: Honda

Shelby Cyndi

Jerry Peters of Darkside Graphics

Custom Work (All types and all vehicles). Air Brushing & Helmet Work.

  • Brand: Suzuki
  • Model: Hayabusa
  • Bike Name: “Flippin The Bird”
  • Bike Features: Custom body work & paint, 2 stage nitros, custom hand made exhaust, ostrich seat, bird theme with talons, 12″ swing arm.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Storm 120/70R17 | Avon Venom 330/30R17
  • Rims: Myrtle West

Rafik Kaissi of RK Concepts

Growing up in Lebanon I’ve always enjoyed cars and bikes and really loved to ride. I had my first bike at 13 years old. It was a green Honda 70XL which I ended up painting it black. My second bike was a Honda 350XL then I moved on to a Suzuki 1000GS when I was 16.
Coming from an artistic family with whom my father was a renown artist, drawing is something that I always took an interest in and used this to express my ideas. I eventually moved to the states and had several different occupations until I decided to go to barber school. After schooling I jumped right into owning my own barber shop. In 2004 I realized my true passion in life was building bikes. I would always attend shows and was bored of seeing the same bikes with different paint jobs and not much creativity. That’s what drove me to designing and building my own concepts.
I have recently purchased a 2500sq ft barn which I converted into a shop. This is a far cry from the one car apartment garage I used to work out of. I have now a few more pieces of equipment and can build and create my own concepts. I an truly blessed to have found my passion in life and to have great friends that support me in my dreams.

RK S 001 RK S 006 RK S 013 RK S 015
  • Builder Category: Custom, Freestyle and Performance
  • Builder Name: Rafik Kaissi
  • Bike Brand: Engine, Buell 1200
  • Bike Model: RK Concepts
  • Bike Name: “RK S”
  • Bike Features:
    Frame was designed to have the shape of the letter S and to hold rear wheel on one side and to come around and to mount engine from the other side. ( it was a big challenge to keep bike balanced) but it was a success. A section of the frame was cut out to make gas tank and flanges were welded on to bolt it back to it. Down tube was designed to hold the oil. Neck has 37′ rake holding a one off single side front end to follow the shape of the frame and 2 leaf springs were used for suspension. A very unique handle bars also in the shape of an S. Twisted stainless steel hexagon was used to finish up a lot of the parts on the bike to give it an artistic look that I wanted. From the grips to flanges, seat, oil tank, kick stand, shifter linkage, exhaust and much more.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Venom 130/70-18 | Avon Cobra 300/35R18
  • Rims (Front | Rear): Ride Wright Wheels designed by RK Concepts | Front 18×3.5 / Rear 18×10.5

Ralph Randolph of Knockout Motorcycles Co.

Failure is not an option. a captain for the US Airways and an ex-marine has been building custom motorcycles for 12 years now. Built for celebrities such as Lorenzo Lamas and Matthew McConaughey. Appearing on CMT Chopper Challenge, National Geographic and Steel Dreams.

Gran Patron
  • Builder Category: Custom and Production
  • Builder Name: Ralph Randolph
  • Bike Brand: Knockout Motorcycle
  • Bike Model: Gran Patron
  • Bike Name: “Gran Patron”
  • Bike Features:
    100 CC, S&S, Evil Engineering Belt Drive, Knockout see through oil bag, Knockhout seat pan kit, billet brake and clutch reservoir. One off wheels. Knockout battery box.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Cobra AV71 130/60R23 | Avon Cobra AV71 220/50R20
  • Rims (Front | Rear): One off Knockout Motorcycles 23 inch front and 20 inch rear

John Reed

John Reed has been building bikes for decades and is constantly amazing his many fans.

John Reed 1 John Reed 2 John Reed 3 John Reed 4
  • Builder Category: Custom
  • Builder Name: John Reed
  • Bike Brand: Yamaha
  • Bike Model: pre production TR1 1980
  • Bike Name: “Gold Yamaha”
  • Bike Features: Converted to belt drive, hand made cold drawn M steel frame and swingarm, everything except tires and rear belt was hand made or modified by John Reed in 1981. www.amdchampionship.com/bikes/2533-john-reed-gold-yamaha.html
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Speedmaster 3.00-21 | Avon Roadrunner MT90-16
  • Rims (Front | Rear): Hand made

PowerSport Institute Students

This build is the pride and vision of PowerSport Institute Students, i.e. Nate John fabrication of fuel tank, student vision and forming of handmade side covers, seat pan to fit Corbin one-off seat and mounting Corbin bags to a Softail Frame. The one-off pipes were designed and manufactured by SuperTrapp. All molding, paint prep, selection and application completed by PSI students with assistance of PSI Instructors. Supporting excellence in education and our students with the bike build are: S&S, Baker, Ride Wright Wheels, Super Trapp, Arlington Plating, DP Brakes, Tricky Air, Corbin, Avon Tyres, Gardener-Westcott, Diamond Heads, Daytona Sensors, Jims Tools, Frame Lock, ACCEL, Cometic Gasket and Sherwin Williams Paint.

"Student Pride" @ 2011 AMD World Championship "Student Pride" @ 2011 AMD World Championship
  • Builder Category: Custom
  • Brand: Big Dog
  • Bike Name: “Students Pride”
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Cobra 130/60R23 | Avon Cobra 250/40R18
  • Rims (Front | Rear): Ride Wright Wheels 23X3.75 | Ride Wright Wheels 18X8.5

Daniel Kokubun of Kingdom Customs

Having served the aerospace industry for the last 15 years in engineering, fabrication, and design, Dan quit his job and turned his attention to his real passion of custom bike building. Opening up Kingdom Customs in June of 2010, has enabled Dan to continue his pursuit of combining quality design and performance. Combining elements of sport bike, drag bike and chopper styles, led Dan to create his first production model entitled the Stiletto.

Daniel Kokubun "Stilleto"

  • Builder Category: Custom
  • Brand: Kingdom Customs
  • Bike Name: “Stiletto”
  • Bike Features: Custom metal work from tip to tail. Hand fabricated cowlings, tanks, and fenders combined with a 120 c.i. Ultima engine. Goldammer G-force front end and air ride rear suspension.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon AV41 Venom 120/70-21 | Avon AV41 Venom 330/30R17
  • Rims: Forge-Tec Creations 7

Johnny’s Vintage Motorcycle Co.

Forty-Nine year old hometown Yokohama, Japan, former road racer been with Johnny’s 15 years, has built many custom vintage Harley & Kawasaki

Johnny's Vintage Motorcycles

  • Brand: 1973 Kawasaki
  • Model: H2 750 Z1
  • Bike Name: “Vintage H2 Super Bike”
  • Bike Features: Custom exhaust, JB power swingarm, YSS shox rear, KYB fork, Guild Design clamps, JP Power front brake, Johnny’s VMC rebuilt motor
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon AV55 Storm 2 110/80ZR18 | Avon AV56 Storm 2 150/70ZR18
  • Rims: Forged Aluminum

Rudy Alexander Imperial of Imperial Customs

Rudy Alexander Imperial

  • Brand: 1969 Triumph
  • Model: Bonneville
  • Bike Name: “Bloody Mary”
  • Bike Features: The bike build started as numbers matching front loop frame and engine cases. It’s an 800cc custom engine coated with a heat dissipation black coating and everything is powder coated with high gloss black. The frame and forks are coated with a fine wrinkle with Darton sleeves and map forged pistons and billet connecting rods, Stroker crank lightened and balanced Sifton 460 cams and titanium and Inconel valves and matching springs the head is ported and polished and o-ringed for maximum seal. The carburetors are Mikuni 38s and custom runners the trans gears are cryoed and friction coated. The paint is House of Colors burgundy wine. There are 120 coats over silver fine flake and black speed scallops the tank is a Cole Foster and the oil tank is custom made with stainless steel oil lines. There is a custom fender and custom water jetted fender struts. The seat is a hand created piece, the hard tail is from Low Brow Customs and the forks are DNA. The head light is from a 40’s era cop car, the bars are homemade mini Z’s and the pegs grips and kickstand were all hand made.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Venom Narrow White Wall MH90-21 | Avon Venom Wide White Wall MT90B16
  • Rims: Custom front wheel straight lace w/mini spool rear wheel harley 16×3 and a stock triumph hub w drum brake

Wayne Gerdes of CleanMPG.com

Owner/Admin of CleanMPG and coined the term “Hypermiling”: Beating the EPA in whatever you own and drive. I enjoy showing others what is possible from their rides by setting up long range, high fuel economy events in vehicles ranging from the smallest 250 CC motorcycles to the largest 4×4 Super Duty diesel P/U trucks.

Wayne Gerdes

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model: 2010 Yamaha WR250X
  • Bike Name: “100-mpg – Quarter Liter Adventure-Tourer” Project Bike
  • Bike Features: From an On-Road Supermoto to a true /off-road dualsport thanks to the Avon Distanzia’s, the bike is transformed into a true “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” bike. Long distance riding features include the following: The Moto Billet/Fastway Rear Rack for gear storage and F5 lowered and wide platform pegs, Ricochet Skid plate (nice aero and case protection addition), 14/40 Yamaha GYTR gearing to lower highway RPM’s, MSR 30 oz Emergency Fuel Bottle, RockSpeed FX 2” Anti-Vib bar risers, Spyder Anti-Vib Soft grips, Slipstreamer Spitfire windscreen, IMS tank (early prototype 3.0 gallon), Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag, Fused 12V power wired up to the Garmin 1490 attached to a Ram Mount.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Distanzia 120/70R17 58H| Distanzia 130/80R17 65H
  • Rim Size: 17×4.0 in

Cyril Huze Custom

Cyril Huze El Mirage1

Cyril Huze El Mirage2

  • Category: Custom Builder
  • Brand: Cyril Huze Custom
  • Model: One-Off
  • Bike Name: El Mirage
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Avon Tyres 21″ | Avon 250mm

Michael Long of Zeel Design

Specialized in highly engineered motorcycles,futuristic designs and wide tire conversion kits for Harley-Davidsons.

Michael Long - Z-Rod

  • Category: Custom
  • Brand: Harley-Davidson
  • Model: V-Rod Muscle
  • Bike Name: Z-Rod
  • Bike Features: Single sided rear end with custom 20” X 10” back wheel. Custom 21” X3.5” front wheel with single sided inverted brake system. Sport bike racing position with custom billet handle bars and foot controls. Custom paint job and powder coating.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Cobra size 120/70-21 | Cobra size 280/40R20
  • Rims: Custom Wheels

Ian Douglas of Warbird Custom Fabrication

From Richmond, B.C. Canada, I have been playing with all things mechanical for most of my life. I got my first welder at 12 years of age , and a series of bikes and HotRods have followed.I have won awards for my bike building as well as for metalwork and auto mechanics.

Ian Douglas - Warbird

  • Category: Custom
  • Bike Name: Warbird
  • Bike Features: Warbird features a one-off hand-built engine incorporating WWII radial aircraft cylinders. The crankcases are also one-off and were designed and built by myself.The displacement is 191 cubic inches with a bore of 5.125inches, and a stroke of 4.625 inches. The frame and most of the sheetmetal were also built in-house. The speedometer is a pitot tube with airspeed indicator reading knots airspeed.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom size 80/90-21 | Venom size 120/70-21 (front)
  • Rims: Custom 80 spoke chrome

Derek Pauletto of Trillion Industries

Just like his company’s name, Derek Pauletto has a trillion ideas buzzing in his head. He’s built everything from helicopters to cabinets and for the last 11 years has learned the art of custom bike building. With classes in welding, 3D design, and turbo technology not much stands in the way of Derek’s craft as a young master fabricator.

Derek Pauletto - Rovad

  • Category: Custom
  • Brand: Trillion
  • Bike Name: Rovad
  • Bike Features: Seat: Trillion/Hoagey’s Upholstery Pipes: Trillion Gas cap: Aviation Handlebars: Trillion Grips: Rizoma Pegs: Fastway Oil filter: Harley-Davidson Oil cooler: Trillion
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom R size 130/70R18 | Venom R size 300/35R181
  • Rims: RMD Billet

Steve Kehler of Tricked Out Custom Cycles, Inc.

TOCC president, Steve Kehler, has been working on bikes for over 20 years along with a staff of fully qualified technicians and award winning painters. TOCC is setting the standard for custom sport bikes. Everyone has heard the phrase “Tricked Out” being used all over because we started it right here.

Steve Kehler - Tricked Trike

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: Suzuki
  • Model: Hayabusa 1300
  • Bike Name: Tricked Trike
  • Bike Features: Custom GSXR body kit on this 2007 bike, 17 light-up body panels, 330 wide tire kit, 14″ extended swingarm, custom everything
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Viper AV59 size 120/60R17 | Venom R AM42 size 330/30R17
  • Rims: Xtreme Machine Speedster

Austin Weiss of Streamline Designs Inc

At age 22, Austin Weiss is considered, by professionals in the motorcycle industry, to be among the next generation of outstanding bike designers and builders. Austin is certified in welding and worked as a head fabricator at one of South Florida’s leading bike builders, before venturing on his own and starting his own Streamline Designs in 2005. Austin’s vision, talent, and creativity, his extraordinary welding ability and engineering skills, and his impeccable attention to detail are illustrated by his machines. His designs feature pristine lines, while concealing any hardware which diminish the beauty of the bike’s lines.

Austin Weiss - Cat 5

  • Category: Custom
  • Brand: Streamline Designs Inc
  • Model: Prostreet Air ride
  • Bike Name: Cat 5
  • Bike Features: 155 CD Dual voerhead cam, 218 HP engine, Baker Billet 6 speed RSD, Air Ride
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom R AM41 size 130/60R23 | Venom R AM42 size 280/40R20
  • Rims: Renegade Wheels “Venice”

Steve Broyles Sr & Steve Broyles II of Stevenson’s Cycle

Hanging out in the garage as a young boy, my son helped me by cleaning tools, parts, or whatever I needed. That was when the team of “Steve-n-son” was born, known today as Stevenson’s Cycle. Several moves finally led to opening doors in the new Michigan location in 1999. Stevenson’s has a 2,500 sq. ft. show room, 3500 sq. ft. service area, full machine shop and a chassis dynamometer room GL Special has won many awards including ranking 9th in the 2008 AMD World Championship. Stevenson’s has been featured in Easyrider, Biker Magazine, The Horse Back Street Choppers, Hot Bike.

Steve Broyles - GL Special

  • Category: Custom
  • Brand: Stevenson’s Cycle
  • Model: Bobber
  • Bike Name: G.L. Special
  • Bike Features: Accessories: Bars……………Stevenson’s Cycle Hand Grips…… Bare Knuckle Choppers Hand Controls….Joker Machine Fender …………Stevenson’s Cycle Headlight……… Deviant Taillight……….. Stevenson’s Cycle Gas Tank ………JRC / Tefft Modified by……. Stevenson’s Cycle / Voodoo Choppers Gas Cap……….. Crime Scene Choppers Foot Controls…. Stevenson’s Cycle Oil Tank………. Stevenson’s Cycle / Fab Kevin Oil System…….. External Hand Bent Copper Seat……………. Duane Ballard Loud-Fast………Neto Zozaya
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom R size 130/60R23 | Venom R size 200/55R18
  • Rims: Weld

Ralph Randolph of Knockout Motorcycle Co.

MESA, AZ, June 18 2008 – Ralph Randolph of Knock Motorcycle Company today announced the debut of his entry into The Chopper Challenge. “This may be the most significant commission of my career”, states Ralph, himself a United States Marine, Captain with US Airways and Custom Motorcycle Builder. Ralph Randolph continues, “It’s an honor and privilege to combine my true love of custom motorcycle fabrication into a project designed to pay homage to the legendary Jim Beam Brand and to help support our troops”. “Big Jim “ will be auctioned off this year, with proceeds going to Operation Home Front

Ralph Randolph - Big Jim

  • Category: Custom
  • Bike Name: Big Jim
  • Bike Features: S&S 124” twin cam motor, new avon venom tyres, pingel electric shift, baker torque box w/ king kong clutch & function form primary, suzuki hayabusa air forks, air shox in the rear, war eagle single sided swing arm frame, renegade one off wheels designed by ralph & Robby Gordon, r1 nose piece, tach & shift light out of Robby Gordon’s race car & much more than i can list!!!
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Cobra size 130/60R23 | Cobra size 220/50R20
  • Rims: Ralph & Robby Gordon

Brian Klock of Klock Werks

Klock Werks has become known as the king of custom baggers following their Discovery Channel Biker Buildoff win in 2006. Klock Werks also holds the three time World’s Fastest Bagger, achieved on Avon Tyres.

Brian Klock - Gear Jammer

  • Category: American V Twin Cruise/Tour
  • Brand: 2006 Harley Davidson
  • Model: FLHXI Street Glide
  • Bike Name: Gear Jammer
  • Bike Features: Klock Werks 180 Motire kit, double back headers,Autometer gauges,wrapper front fender,Klock Werks Ergo Handlebars, WFB mufflers,Covington Fork Boots, Klock Werks Flaired windshield,and much, much more.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom AM41 size 140/70B18 on a 18 in x 3 in rim | Venom R AM42 on a 18 in x 5.5 in size 180/55ZR18
  • Rims: Renegade South Beach

Gregory Price Williams of Hyperbike Performance Centers

The builder/founder is a retired law enforcement officer, two time officer of the year. Gregory has been a motorcyclist and motorcycle mod freak for 23 years. His hobby is now his business. Greg’s projects revolve around maximum performance. He adds custom accents to set the bike apart, features that have a huge following on ZX14.net motorcycle forum. When Greg’s not building his super fast project bike’s he is either Land Speed Racing with the world’s fastest nitrous ZX-14 or he is at AMA Drag bike events as the crew Chief of his all new professional race team.

Gregory Price Williams - Ninja

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: Kawasaki
  • Model: ZX-14
  • Bike Name: Ninja
  • Bike Features: Ninja at work
  • Tires (Front | Rear): 120/70R17 size Viper AV59 | 190/50R17 size Viper AV60

Carlos Avelar of House of Finishes Designs

Airbrush artist and custom sport motorcycle builder

Mayan Bike

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: 2009 Yamaha
  • Model: YZF-R1
  • Bike Name: Ancient Mysteries
  • Bike Features: Yamaha Motors, Grave Motorsports,C&S Custom,Clear Alternative,Cyko Racing Whells,Iwata Media,Anest Iwata,Driven Racing,GPR-Stabilizer,Avon Tires,,Color Horizon,K&N, St Machines,Shoei Helmets,EFX-lighting,Grip Ace,Galper Brake,Air Fx,Condor-Lifts,SEMA-Show,Las Vegas Bike Fest, Laguna Seca Moto Gp, Indianapolis Moto Gp, Ims-show toure,2 Wheel Tuner Magazine, Custom Street Bikes Magazine and many others.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): VP2 size 120/70R17| Cobra size 300/35R18
  • Rims: One of a kind Cyko Racing Wheels

Carlos Avelar - Yamaha Two Wheel History

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model: R1
  • Bike Name: Yamaha Two Wheel History
  • Bike Features: Shown at following events 2007 Moto GP, SEMA show, IMS show 2008 CES show, on Yamaha brochure, Yamaha TV commercial, Long Beach Champ Car, Formula D, Moto GP, SEMA
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Viper AV59 size 120/70R17 | Venom AM42 R size 330/30R17
  • Rims: Cyko Racing Wheels

Lonny Spiva of Heartland USA

Lonny has been building bikes for 7 years, all with Avon Tires. He worked for Custom Chrome and now Heartland USA for 2 years in Sales and Marketing.

Lonny Spiva - Heartbreaker

  • Category: Custom
  • Brand: Harley-Davidson
  • Model: Board Tracker
  • Bike Name: Heartbreaker
  • Bike Features: The Hearbreaker was dreamt up at the 2007 Sturgis Rally when the HD Rocker was previewed. Mike of Kiwi Indian and I thought that putting his Leaf Spring front end on the Rocker would look great, from there it went crazy. The build was to be a custom looking bike that could be built from just bolt-on parts using a HD canvas. The Board Tracker. Kiwi leaf spring front end, MGD Cycles Lighting Exhaust, Custom Cycle Eng. Risers, Evolution belt drive, HHI front brake, Ride Wright wheels, Avon Tyres, Paughco Pan covers/air cleaner & Rock-N Bobber conversion by Heartland USA.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Cobra size 130/60R23 | Cobra size 250/40R18
  • Rims: Ride Wright

Lonny Spiva - The Old Black & Gray Mule

  • Category: American V Twin Cruise/Tour
  • Brand: Harley-DAvidson
  • Model: FXCW Rocker
  • Bike Name: The Old Black & Gray Mule
  • Bike Features: EZ Rock-R conversion by Heartland USA. Renegade Wheels, Avon tires (of course), Todd’s Cycle front pegs & grips, HD Drag bars, Heartland USA axle covers & passenger foot rest. This bike is the R&D mule for new product.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom AM41 size 100/90-19 | Cobra AV72 size 250/40R18
  • Rims: Renegade Elite Series Tahoe

Roger Goldammer of Goldammer Cycle Works Ltd

Canadian Roger Goldammer has a passion for all things mechanical. Located in Kelowna, BC, Goldammer Cycle Works stands apart from the US custom bike scene. Goldammer builds most parts on his show bikes. Goldammer Cycle Works’ products are functional and innovative with cutting-edge styling. Awards: 1st place 2002 Grand National Roadster Show and the 2003 VQ Award for Most Innovative Bike Builder. In 2004 and 2005 Goldammer creations BRT3 and Trouble, took1st place in the Artistry in Iron Competition at the Las Vegas BikeFest, as well as winning the very prestigious World Championship of Custom Bike Building for both years.

  • Category: Custom
  • Bike Name: Goldmember
  • Bike Features: Bike concept: merge performance and custom worlds; a bike which could compete in both venues. The challenge: find a balance between a functional race bike (powerful, durable, aerodynamic, with everything accessible and easily serviced … and a custom bike (visually stimulating, unique and possibly risky in design). The bike competed at Bonneville and averaged 154.8 mph (photo courtesy of Horst Rösler). The bike will compete at this year’s World Championship of Custom Bike Building, it likely will be a little misunderstood in the largely ornamental world of custom bikes… but at least it will have a story to tell. www.goldammercycle.com
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom R AM41 size 120/70R19 | Venom R AM41 size 130/60R23

East Side Custom Choppers of East Side Custom Choppers

We are a licensed National Manufacturer, and make 99% of all products on a motorcycle in-house including paint and powder coating. It is family owned and operated. Three Torres brothers, and Mike Caruso from another Mother.

  • Category: Custom
  • Brand: East Side Custom Choppers, Inc.
  • Model: DS-Savage
  • Bike Name: Hushabye
  • Bike Features: 3 D rims and 3D 51 th sprocket, 1 offs: custom fully molded frame, gas tank (11 ga. sheetmetal). Oil in frame & chin spoiler, East Side: Turn Up exhaust, Extreme handle bars, Bad Ass paint job (all PPG Vibrance Collection). Brake transmission, new 360 front brake, 6.5 lbs boost blower (Magna Charger) Billet RPM Jugs and Heads.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom AM41 size MH90-21 | Venom AM42 size 330/30R17
  • Rims: East Side 3D

Mark Dugally of Dugallery

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: Aprilia
  • Model: Futura
  • Bike Name: Project Somma 2010
  • Bike Features: Project Somma is built around an Aprilia Futura.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): AV49 Pro Xtreme size 120/70R17 | AV50 Pro Xtreme size 180/55R17
  • Rims: Aprilia with Dugallery finish

James McGlynn of Drag Specialties Road Rep

For the past three years I have been the Drag Specialties Rep in the Tennessee area. Prior to that, I was the owner of ” Raw Power Customs” in S. Florida for 6 years

  • Category: Custom
  • Model: Custom Pro-Street Softail
  • Bike Name: James McGlynn
  • Bike Features: Rolling Thunder frame,custom made tank and did all of the sheet metal work on the bike and made the bars as well. . It is powered by a 107&Quot with a 6 speed RSD trans. The front end is from Meanstreet and the exhaust is Bassani 2-1 Road Rage. Paint – Andy Anderson in Nashville, seat Jeffrey Phipps Custom Saddles in W.Palm, FL. The bike rides great and I ride it for hundreds of miles at a time on my regular work routes in and around Tennessee. Of course, I use the best TYRES in the World to get this beast down the road…AVON RULES!
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom size 120/70-21 | Venom R size 330/30R17
  • Rims: Weld Racing

Doug Keim of Creative Cycles

Doug Keim is a Jersey boy who has been creating custom motorcycles for years in the same place he grew up in. Doug is a designer and builders and very passionate about what he does. The bike featured is a blue and black Roadking. Visit www.myspace.com/creativecycles & www.myspace.com/dougkeim pages. Visit www.youtube.com & type in ‘creative cycles’ under search. Watch videos of Doug Keim bike builds.

Doug Keim "Soldier Of Fortune"

  • Category: Custom
  • Brand: Harley-Davidson
  • Model: Cross-Bones
  • Bike Name: Cosmic Racer
  • Bike Features: 23′s front and rear, lowered suspension, narrowed bars, handcrafted floating rear fender, custom seat in BBC camo, hand crafted exhaust with mufflers, custom swingarm to fit the 23′s, etc.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Cobra size 130/60-23 | Cobra size 130/60-23
  • Rims: 23 inch Ride Wright Wheels

Doug Keim "Cosmic Racer"

  • Category: Custom
  • Brand: 2009 Harley-Davidson
  • Model: Cross-Bones
  • Bike Name: Cosmic Racer
  • Bike Features: 23 inch Ride Wright Wheels fitted with 23 inch Avon Cobras, hand crafted exhaust system, reworked seat mounting, narrowed bars, reworked swingarm to fit 23 inch wheels/tires, relocated ECM and electronics, hand crafted ‘floating’ rear fender, DKCC knurled grips, lowered headlight, tons of small trick little items throughout the bike.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Cobra size 130/60-23 | Cobra size 130/60-23
  • Rims: 23 inch Ride Wright Wheels

  • Category: American V Twin Cruise/Tour
  • Brand: Harley-Davidson
  • Model: Roadking
  • Bike Name: Ace
  • Bike Features: 2008 Harley Davidson Road King built as part of the Doug Keim Signature Series of brand NEW H-D’s offered by Colonial Harley Davidson of Prince George, Virginia. Bike features a lower rear stance, wider rear fender with flush mounted LED tail lamp, license plate and turn signals, 6.5” x 17” rear wheel with massive 200mm rear tire. The front end has been fitted with 3.5” x 18” wheel, chrome lower legs and flush front axle. The intent of the bike was to keep the die hard H-D look but give it an elegant but aggressive wheels and tire combination.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Cobra size 130/70R18 | Cobra size 200/55R17
  • Rims: RC Components Bandit wheels

  • Category: Metric Cruise/Tour
  • Brand: Kawasaki
  • Model: Vulcan Rogue 2000
  • Bike Name: The Rising
  • Bike Features: Custom metric project
  • Tires (Front | Rear): AM41 size 90/90-21 | AM42 size 300/35R18

Robt E. Rafalko Sr. of Black Dog Custom Cycle Mfg

Almost 60 year old owner and master builder of Black Dog Chooper & Pro Streets, with 7 legal, federally registered models. Over 40 years of going fast and building machines and only ever riding on Avons. No employees. 36 week wait for one. bdccmfm@gmail.com or www.blackdogchopper.com

  • Category: American V Twin Cruise/Tour
  • Brand: Black Dog Custom Cycle Mfg
  • Model: Blackdog Pro-Street Softail
  • Bike Name: Jughead Special R.I.P.
  • Bike Features: Always black, big, bad and blindingly fast. Dependable H/D, S&S complete Stroker conversion under 100 cu in. and very exclusive. 6 speed.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Cobra size 120/70-21 | Cobra size 300/35R18
  • Rims: Beillet Economical Prod. BD plain shoes

  • Category: American V Twin Cruise/Tour
  • Brand: Black Dog Choppers
  • Model: Chopper
  • Bike Name: Jughead Special
  • Bike Features: Always black, big, bad, and blindingly fast. Dependable and very exclusive.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Venom size 90/90-21 | Venom size 300/35-18
  • Rims: Black Dog wheels

Chain Gang of Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub

The BMHS Bike Klub has been building custom bicycles for 4 years, this bike “Betty” is the klub’s first attempt at a custom motorcycle, the klub is an after school program for “at Risk” and “Introverted” kids run by Teacher Marc Mazerolle. Overall winner at Donnie Smith 2009 show Iron Works and the Iron Works “Technical Merit” award, the two top awards!Third overall open class Rigid Evo Chain

Chain Gang - Betty

  • Category: American V Twin Cruise/Tour
  • Brand: BMHS Bike Klub
  • Model: Nu Skool Bobber
  • Bike Name: Betty
  • Bike Features: Handmade rear fender, oil tank, turn signals and ignition mount. The gas tank mods all done by the kids in the Chain Gang. All brackets, bungs and mounts built by the kids. Bike features a custom paint job with a 1955 Buick theme, the bike’s overall theme is Nu Skool Bobber Hot Rod.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Gangster Wide White Wall size MT90B16 | Gangster Wide White Wall size MT90B16
  • Rims: Harley-Davidson Nine Spoke “Wagon” wheels.

Brian Johnson of Altered Chrome

Owner and designer for products and services of www.alteredchrome.com. Company has been in business since 2002 specializing in accessories. Then moved into complete builds and in 2008 will be doing choppers, metrics, and sport bikes.

Brian Johnson - Altered Chrome

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: Kawasaki
  • Model: ZX10R
  • Bike Name: Altered Rat
  • Bike Features: Bike features custom molded upper and windscreen, custom “rat-rod” themed paintjob, 60′s gasser guy airbrushed on tank, distressed multise cross on sides. Sandblasted frame, swing arm, forks. 30′s bomber jacket seat cover. Altered chrome first joint affiliation creation with www.tcconceptsllc.com
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Viper AV59 size 120/70R17 | Cobra AV72 size 280/40R20

Brian Johnson - Cursed

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: Ducati
  • Model: 998
  • Bike Name: Cursed
  • Bike Features: Bike being the first and to my knowledge only fat tired ducati has a long list of one off items. Swing arm, wheel hubs, exhaust, seat, subframe, grips. Everything on this bike has been modified or touched in some way or another.
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Viper size 120/60R17 | Venom R size 300/35R18
  • Rims: RC Components with custom machined hubs

Brian Johnson - Cursed

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: CBR900RR
  • Bike Name: Snake Charmer
  • Bike Features: Firsts for a CBR MACINTOSH 2&Quot upper/lower streetfighter billet triple tree JAYBRAKE billet hand controls HAMMER CUSTOM CYCLES billet grips and matching footpegs, billet wheels KILLER GLASS &QuotGLASS&Quot radiator tubes that light up NIGHTSTALKER LED projector ONE OFF bodywork, radiator cover, NOS bracket, handlebars
  • Tires (Front | Rear): AV71 Cobra size 130/70R18 | AV72 Cobra size 300/35R18
  • Rims: Hammer Custom Cycles

Brian Johnson - SRT

  • Category: Sport
  • Brand: Suzuki
  • Model: Hayabusa
  • Bike Name: SRT
  • Bike Features: customer wanted us to customize his viper srt10 and his busa to match each other, both feature custom matching paint,one off matching rims molded bodywork, 300mm swingarm, chromed nearly everything and loaded the bike up with chrome accessories inventory. Galfer rotors brocks exhaust, painted calipers,etc,etc
  • Tires (Front | Rear): Viper size 120/60R17 | Venom size 300/35R18
  • Rims: One off rims -Hammer Custom