Avon India Rubber Company
  1885 Brown and Margeston set up a rubber products manufacturing company in Stoke, Bath.
Avon History 1890
Already five years in the tire business, Avon moves to the bank of the Rover Avon in Melksham in Wiltshire, Great Britain; we haven’t moved since.
  1901 Pneumatic Tyre production facility is build and paves the way for subsequent expansion.
  1908 The company adopts the Trilithon (Stonehenge) trademark, with the hook line, "Symbols of Endurance", emphasising the durability of Avon products.
matchless 1911s 1911
The world’s waking up to the joys of motorcycling and Avon starts making tires for bikes and sidecars.
new Avon Tyres for 1915 1914-1918 Avon products are built and used for almost every type of miliary vehicle.
1920 Avon Tyres Success 1920 Avon weathers the post -war slump by innovation, as one of the first companies to a manufacture a popular cord motor tyre.
  1933 Avon shares are issued on the London Stock Exchange.
  1941 World War 2 – Avon operates at full stretch to support the war effort with a total of 2,500 employees in all its enterprises.
  1952 Avon’s line of classic tires arrives with the Speedmaster, Safety Mileage and Sidecar range
  1956 Avon Tyres undertakes its largest project to date; a complete modernization and expansion of tyre manufacturing, carried out over five years and resulting in 50% increased productivity.
  1957 Avon enters into motorcycle racing reaping rich rewards with every solo motorcycle champion wining on Avon Tyres from 1958-1963.
Avon acquires Henley Tyre and Rubber Company of Gravesend, Kent, with production of Henley tyres transferred to Melksham.
surtees-on-mv-augusta-1958s 1958-63
Glory years; every solo world champion, including John Surtees pictured here, rode to victory on Avon motorcycle tires.
  1961 Avon hits record production with 1.5 million tyres per year. Wide acclaim is won for the development of a cling rubber tread compound for car and motorcycle tyres, greatly enhancing wet road grip.
  1966 "The great fire of Melksham", rages for hours destroying the finished goods stores and other areas of the factory: production resumes in just 24 hours.
  1970-1980s Avon is at the forefront of radial tire development, superseding cross ply technology
  1981 Avon opens a race tire production facility
  1983 Avon creates its own racing tire division to design, develop and sell racing tires internationally
  1985 The Roadrunner touring tire is launched
  1987 Not content with street legal tires Avon launches its race range for track use only
  1988 Gripster is the new dual purpose tire from Avon
  1993 Look out – the Gangster tire is on the loose with Avon’s widest whitewall at 2 and ¾”
  1996 A new Adventure sport tire is out called Distanzia
  1997 Avon Tyres Limited is acquired by Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. of Ohio, USA. The creation of Cooper-Avon Tyres Limited marks the beginning of a new era for the company. Cooper-Avon Tyres Ltd. was also the first tyre manufacturer in the world to gain the prestigious ISO 9001 quality award.
  2000 Avon range of Z rated tires successfully applies Advanced Variable Belt Density technology (A-VBD)
kentregans 2003
Supermoto takes off as an international sport. Avon responds with a range of Supermoto tires for both amateurs and professionals.
  2005 A scooter range rolls off the production floor called Viper Stryke
  2006 The Roadrider replaces several ranges – Super Venom/HKM and Roadrunner
  2007 Venerable Venom gives way to the new Cobra range
  2011 Avon Motorcycle Tyres celebrates its 100th anniversary, 3D Ultra sport range introduced 
  2013 Storm 3D X-M sport touring range trialed in 3 sizes and is so successful the full range comes out a year later 
  2014 Avon creates a front trike tire  
  2015 Avon’s TrailRider on road oriented Adventure Sport tire makes its appearance 
  2016 New 50/50 on/off road tire is launched called TrekRider and the StreetRunner is the first Avon range to be made at Cooper Tire’s plant in Serbia